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November 2, 2022

Dwayne Robinson Bermuda Feb 14 2019[Opinion column written by OBA’s Dwayne Robinson]

The reconvening of Parliament is upon us, Bermuda. This is when the elected Government lays out its agenda for the legislative year. I implore every resident of Bermuda to listen to this year’s Throne Speech with scrutiny.

In the upcoming year, we should be keeping track of the promises of the PLP Government and hold it accountable. However, I doubt we will hear anything new from a Premier looking to win back public favour and close ranks to deal with his fractured party support.

I also suggest Bermuda listen to the One Bermuda Alliance’s reply to the Throne Speech.

Why am I asking you to pay attention to the reply of the party that isn’t in power? The answer is simple: we need an alternative course, Bermuda. The PLP has shown time and time again that its aim is to consolidate and maintain power, not to improve the lives of Bermudians.

Anyone who isn’t moving in line with that goal is removed and replaced with an able-bodied ‘yes’ person, who will carry out the Premier’s bidding.

I am not just talking. Look at the recent promotion of Owen Darrell to Cabinet, whose last job was literally taking orders from the Premier as his Chief of Staff.

Premier David Burt was able to retain his leadership within his party ranks, but he has lost in the court of public appeal. Just because most of the PLP delegates have chosen the continued stagnation of Bermuda instead of the betterment of the country as a whole, it does not mean that fate is irreversible.

You, the electorate, will have the final say.

The One Bermuda Alliance is well aware that it is simply not enough to ‘not be the PLP’. Instead Bermudians need to know who we are and what we stand for.

The OBA has been hard at work rebuilding our framework. For a long time we have let others tell our story for us. That time is over. We have taken the time to reconnect through consistent canvassing and community outreach.

We hear from parents concerned about their children’s education, future, and safety. We hear sportspeople who call out for more support and funding to further support the cultivation of our world class athletes.

The OBA has heard the entrepreneurs who want a more streamlined mechanism for doing business here, who want more people on the island to consume their products and services. We have heard the uniformed services who are stretched beyond capacity and are operating in unsafe working environments.

The OBA hears our seniors who are unable to continue to sustain themselves on a fixed income under massive Future Care bills and the rising cost of living. We hear our young people who see no future for themselves in their own island, who are struggling to start living independently due to the huge cost of living, with limited job prospects. We hear a tourism and hospitality industry that feels directionless and abandoned.

The OBA hears you; we are you Bermuda.

The Reply to the Throne will be the OBA’s first step into showcasing our internal work to the people of Bermuda. The work is on-going but look forward to a re-invigorated OBA, with a passion for improving the lives of Bermudians.

We are aware that we haven’t shown enough of our progress but that is about to change! You will see the results of my colleagues and I’s long nights of work on behalf of Bermuda. Our leader will lay out the OBA’s vision for Bermuda and how we will revitalize our island home.

We stand ready to provide Bermuda with a viable alternative and grow into an effective Government in waiting. However, without you Bermuda, we will not achieve much. I urge you to listen to the Reply to the Throne and if something resonates, help us make it happen!

“It’s a new day in the OBA” as our new chairman says, and we welcome you to the room.

- Dwayne Robinson is the approved candidate for Constituency 30, Southampton East Central, and co-deputy Chair of the One Bermuda Alliance.

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    This is not good enough. Where are you? The silence is deafening. The TAF should have been shut down months ago, but no outcry. Where is the demand for a full disclosure of the SP deal? Clearly it is not in the interests of Bermudian tax payers, nor safe guarding the reducing open space of Bermuda’s land mass. How is the declining working population, and needs of the increasing elderly population being handle? Lots of fine words from the PL but no action, and silence from the OBA.

  2. watching says:

    This is errant nonsense.

    And the dig at Owen Darrell’s last job is ridiculous. Owen was an educator for over 15 years before deciding to serve in the PLP administration. What was the point of that particular dig Dwayne? What is your job? Not that it matters, but why the need to be so personal?

    Yes, we understand you have a goal in your politics. But what are the OBA actually doing for you? You continually put yourself in the public going to bat for them and continually get overlooked. When will they finally give you some glory? Perhaps that is what this write up is actually all about.

    Tell you what, I would take the PLP administration over any formation of the OBA any day. Throne Speech or no throne speech. Anyone in the PLP, whether they like David Burt or not, will never give the reins to you guys willingly.

    You say this – “Our leader will lay out the OBA’s vision for Bermuda and how we will revitalize our island home.” Will that be Cole Simons or Jarion Richardson or Michael Dunkley? How exactly were Cole and Jarion voted on for their positions? Although I guess when its only 6 options…

  3. I and I says:

    Well darn this is the best I have heard from the opposition even when they called themselves UBP. If it was written by you Mr.Robinson kudos to you. If written by you , you need to be the deputy or opposition leader because the aforementioned position holders have not the skill!

  4. Observer says:

    Please stop worrying about Bermudians constantly. Worry about Bermuda and when you have Bermuda sorted you will have Bermudians sorted.