Collaborative Group Maintaining Railway Trail

November 17, 2022

Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] is collaborating with the Association of Bermuda International Companies [ABIC], the Ministry of Public Works and the Department of Parks in a project aimed at maintaining the railway trail for all to enjoy.

A spokesperson said,  “The railway trail is Bermuda’s largest national park and is home to a wide variety of endemic species and wildlife.

“The project, which is part of KBB’s Adopt-A-Spot programme, was launched in Spring, 2021, and involves partnerships with ABIC member companies. It is intended to enhance the natural beauty of the trail and preserve the environment through regular clean-ups.

KBB Bermuda November 18, 2022_2

“Each company has adopted a one-mile section of the trail spanning from St. George’s to Sandy’s, which they volunteer to clean twice per month. Some project partners have also expressed an interest in landscaping and beautification initiatives along their section of the trail, including the possible installation of strategically placed trash/recycling bins and benches.”

KBB’s Board President, Stefan Smith, said “I would like to thank the Parks Department, ABIC and the corporate partners for their individual and collective contributions to the Railway Trail Project. KBB is pleased to be the facilitator of programmes which have measurable impacts such as keeping the trail maintained and accessible for all. We appreciate everyone’s efforts and support, especially the donors and volunteers who are making this project such a success.”

Wayne Smith, ABIC’s Executive Director, added “Richard Winchell and Greta Peters of ABIC were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. Environmental Social Governance [ESG] is currently at the forefront of most corporate platforms and ABIC is happy to support the Railway Trail Project. It is a perfect way for ABIC members to give back to one of Bermuda’s leading environmental charities, KBB, and be involved with a great project that’s creating real results.”

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The spokesperson said, “Cheyne Capital is a founding member of the project and Cynthia Cox, Cheyne’s General Manager, has been instrumental in bringing ABIC and the corporate partners together.”

Ms. Cox said “The more I walked the trail, it became clear that it needed an Adopt-A-Highway type programme more than large-scale clean-ups.

“Fortunately, ABIC, KBB and the Parks Department were keen to collaborate, and ABIC member companies partnering with KBB’s Adopt-A-Spot programme are a perfect fit. What we all love is that a small amount of organised time and effort is producing big results, thus making the historical trail more beautiful and viable for everyone. This project is a great example of how public, private and non-profit collaboration can succeed and I would like to thank Cheyne Capital for continuing to support important causes like this one with time, energy and funding.”

The spokesperson said, “ABIC hosted a reception on Wednesday, November 16th, to celebrate the project’s success and to show appreciation to the project partners. Thank you to the following:

  • Allianz Risk Transfer
  • Aspen Bermuda
  • Cheyne Capital
  • Conyers
  • Everen Group
  • KPMG
  • Lancashire Insurance
  • McGill & Partners
  • Mosaic Insurance
  • MSD Bermuda
  • Parks Department
  • Public Works Ministry
  • QBE Equator Re
  • Renaissance Re
  • Union Bancaire Privee
  • Wilton Re

“Contact KBB to learn how your company can get involved and make a difference. Like and follow KBB on social media or go to for additional details. You can also reach KBB by telephone on 799-5142 or email”

Adopt-A-Spot Island Map [PDF here]:

Adopt A Spot - Island Map - Railway Trail

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  1. Marine Life says:

    Congratulations! Hope all goes to plan. We hope to finally see some improvements to the largest Government Park we have. Up to this point I don’t use the trail like I used to. Why?
    To much unreported crime. Fires lit, handbags with credit cards dumped in the bushes. Assaults. Break-ins along the trail. I term it the ‘crime trail’.
    To much Over- growth and outer-growth left for months at a time.
    To much discarded trash. To many mud holes and rocks sticking up where the sand has washed away.
    And you said above, Accessible to all? Not with the state of this trail. Wheel chairs? Travel chairs. A lot of improvement is needed.
    I have lived on the trail for over 20 years. Property borders the trail. I know first hand.