UK’s Action Called “Colonial-Style Intervention”

December 16, 2022

Charles Kuhn and Gabriella Bligh — writing in the British Times newspaper – called the UK’s prevention of the “creation of a legal recreational cannabis market in Bermuda” a “colonial-style intervention.”

Their report on the Times website said, “A range of missteps have been blamed on Liz Truss, but one of the less well known is the future of the Bermudian cannabis market.

“At the former prime minister’s behest, British ministers committed to a cautious and conservative approach to the interpretation of international drug conventions and cannabis legalisation, while others are reinterpreting the conventions to allow for change.

“One of Truss’s lesser-reported decisions as foreign secretary was to refuse to provide consent to a Bermudian statute legalising recreational cannabis.

“The Bermudian Progressive Labour Party [PLP] won a majority of 30 of the Bermudian assembly’s 36 seats at the 2020 general election — and the party pledged to legalise the recreational use of cannabis, having already decriminalised possession of small amounts three years earlier.

“But the day after Truss was appointed prime minister in September, the UK government refused to allow Bermuda to pass the law. Bermuda is classified as a British Overseas Territory and therefore the governor must reserve for the UK secretary of state any bill that might be inconsistent with London’s international obligations.

“Crucially, the UK’s interpretation and justification for its colonial-style intervention in preventing the creation of a legal recreational cannabis market in Bermuda is contrary to most sovereign states’ interpretation of the international conventions.”

You can read the full story here on The Times.

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  1. This has nothing to do with that and everything to do with poor research says:

    The only reason why the cannabis bill was rejected is because the government feels that they can legalize the importation and export of recreational cannabis. This breaks so many international obligations that it would be likely considered an act of war if they were to allow us to legislate this. I promise you that if they changed that they would get the go ahead to legalize it. However politically they would rather drag it out and make a big debate about it because they are really trying to avoid the religious community that is totally against the recreational use. So they are picking this battle as it is an overseas battle as opposed to a local one. However when the dust settles they will have one of two options do away with recreational import and export or expand on the medicinal side into local production. It’s really that simple but the smokescreen makes it look more complicated.

    • iyiyi says:

      This government is professional at manipulation and nothing else . They continue to have many hidden agendas’ fooling their general supporters .

  2. Real Deal says:

    The world is waiting for Bermuda to legalize it. as soon as it happens the world will transform into a better Godly place and put on the path of Freedom for ALL. Lets Go Bermuda get-em!.. get-em!.. get-em!….

  3. Ringmaster says:

    Considering so few PLP MPs turned up for the vote, clearly not supporting it but being cowards not to vote against, the bill is not popular with the public. Even the AG knew it would not pass. It is merely another tool that Burt is trying to use to go with with his personal Independence/Self Governing agenda.

    If Burt really wants to help Bermudians he should, and can easily and swiftly, pass a Bill to expunge the convictions of all those convicted for possession of less than 7 grams. No need to apply as presently required with the fear of repercussions. Why won’t he at least start there? Jamaica did this years ago, why not Bermuda? Presumably because it doesn’t fit with his agenda.

  4. Mr. Wolfy says:

    People use it now…why not stabilise or economy with legalisation …it’s common sense. Germany is reformed tuit what obligations and to whom?

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    Decriminalising cannabis is one thing, allowing sale and distribution is another.

    The PLP Government knows that and it is using a decision it knew would be rejected because of international treaties in order to promote independence through the back door.