‘Young Warrior’s Devotional Coloring Book’

December 9, 2022

A newly published book by Bermudian Marion Minors entitled “Young Warrior’s Devotional Coloring Book” is now available.

A spokesperson said, “Seasoned church youth leader Elder Marion Minors believes that children today need more than just Bible stories to stand in their faith in God. Instead, they need inspiration designed to encourage them to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord. It is for this reason she writes ‘Young Warrior’s Devotional Coloring Book’ [published by Balboa Press], a collection of short tales and coloring pages that provide wisdom and encouragement from God to follow the principles found within his word.

“In this book, Marion shares quotes, scripture, and short tales that guide children to apply biblical truths to grow their faith, live their daily lives the best way possible, and adhere to the moral principles that God desires to promote his kingdom. Through her tales, children will learn how to follow the rules, trust God, love their neighbors, share God’s love, obey his commands, and much more. Accompanying these Bible stories are related coloring pages for young readers to complete as they contemplate each lesson.

“An excerpt from the book reads: You may be a member of a Church and feel because you are not a grownup God can’t use you. But if God can use eight year old king Josiah, he can also use you. Our bible verse reminds us that even though we are young God can still use us. We can show others how to live when we follow the rules in God’s Word. We can be an example like Josiah.

“‘This book will appeal to readers because the stories are exciting and are related to the many things young people face every day. The coloring page after each story enhances the lesson taught,’ Marion says. When asked what she wants readers to take away from the book, she answers, “That it doesn’t matter how young they are, God is able to use them to tell of His love and that He loves them.”

“Young Warrior’s Devotional Coloring Book” By Elder Marion Minors. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble”

Young Warrior's Devotional Coloring Book Bermuda Dec 2022

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  1. bluenose says:

    Please let children grow to make up their own minds on religion. Stop the brainwashing and indoctrination.

  2. Daron Lowe says:

    Great to see a good creative Bermudian Publication. Keep up the good work for the children.