16 Videos: Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge

January 16, 2023

The 2023 Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge was held this weekend with hundreds of runners from overseas and Bermuda in action, with the Butterfield Front Street Mile taking place in Hamilton on Friday [Jan 13], the BF&M 10k Run/Walk on Saturday [Jan 14] and the PWC Half Marathon & Marathon event on Sunday [Jan 15].

Bernews live streamed more than 7 hours of race coverage and you can watch the replays below along with additional videos; view all our coverage of the Chubb Bermuda Triangle Challenge here and view over 70 videos from this year and past years event here on Bernews.TV.

BNAA President Dr Freddie Evans Before The Butterfield Mile Race

3 Hour Live Replay: Butterfield Mile Finish Line

Dage Minors Wins Elite Men’s Race At Butterfield Mile

Elite Women’s Race At Butterfield Mile

Butterfield Front Street Mile Primary School Race

Butterfield Front Street Mile Middle School Race

Butterfield Front Street Mile High School Race

Butterfield Front Street Mile Race Local Adult Race

Start Of BF&M 10k Run And Walk

60 Minute Live Replay: BF&M 10k Run & Walk Finish Line

30 Minute Live Replay: BF&M 10K Race Awards Presentation

Tyler Butterfield After BF&M 10K Race

Start of PWC Half Marathon Race

90 Minute Live Replay: PwC Bermuda Marathon Finish Line

90 Minute Live Replay: PWC Half & Marathon Award Presentation

Gombeys At PWC Marathon Award Ceremony

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