Richardson: ‘Dog Attacks Are Out Of Hand’

January 16, 2023

“The dog attacks in this country are out of hand,” Opposition Deputy Leader Jarion Richardson said. “I’ve been working with residents in one area for months regarding an attack that left a man severely injured. There’s to date been no enforcement action against the dog’s owner.

“The enforcement process is clearly a bureaucratic mess. Between the police officers, who have a dozen other criminal offences to attend to daily, and the dog warden, who seem to be unable to proceed to enforcement, it’s slow, chaotic and a case of people pointing their fingers at each other.

“It can take months or years for these matters to reach the Director of Public Prosecutions. And it’s still within the remit of the DPP to simply not take the matter to court.

“The worst part is that the victims have to relive these dog attacks. They still have to travel in the areas where they were attacked. Neighbourhoods are locked in a state of fear.

“How many more people are going to be wounded and hospitalized before we reform this area of law? Will it be the death of a small child that spurs this Government into action? If this Government cares about people, then it has to care about victims first.”

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  1. Giterry34 says:

    The most USELESS opposition in history…OBA give it a rest

  2. White Wash says:

    You need to start your own party. The worst part is you actually believe these clowns will win again when they place you as leader.

  3. Dog catchers my I mellow…Our neighbors pit was familiarise by my neighbors trespass walking through our private estate egress private property private estate…my wife was walking our small terror (wire) on our property when attacked by the red nosed pit …my wife had a stroke and in one week we were at later clinic 14000…plus accommodation and travel….absolutely nothing was done!…if it happens again I know what to do…it does not involve police…or dog catcher!!!!!!

  4. kevin says:

    the reason why the opposition is weak is because the government are weaker ,they only win elections by playing the race card what a useless government who dropped the restriction on pit bulls …
    maybe the dog warden / police could report on total dog attacks and by the breed

    • Giterry34 says:

      That makes ZERO logical sense. And sounds like an excuse for a failing opposition.

  5. Marine Life says:

    Would you expect enforcement of Dogs or control of the Island-Wide RAT INFESTATION by a WET-NOODLE Government?! Haven’t many people complained enough of these ones up on the hill?
    Look what else… The Gaming commission lost the Gamer to the Hamilton Princess! 8 Years is far to long to wait for a license! Useless politicians! All under Government’s Watch! ????

  6. cromwell says:

    Why don’t we just have a law saying all dangerous dogs must wear a muzzle in public.