Over 500 People Attend Lionfish Chowder Event

February 24, 2023

Chiko&T’s Restaurant won both the People’s Choice and Judge’s Awards at the BZS Lionfish Chowder competition, while The Cloud at the Waterfront, Wahoo’s Bistro, the Loren and the Spot Restaurant claimed second and third place honours.

A spokesperson said, “On Saturday [Feb 18], the Bermuda Zoological Society held their first Eat’Um to Beat’Um Lionfish Chowder competition at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. Sponsored by Butterfield and Vallis, Gosling’s and Outerbridge’s Originals, ten restaurants took part to create the best Lionfish Chowder in Bermuda.

“Each chef brought their own unique experience and talents to create a variety of amazing culinary masterpieces that delighted the crowd of about 500 people that attended the free event. Over 250 votes were cast for the People’s Choice Awards and three official judges carefully navigated the nuances of all ten chowders before submitting their own ballots. The competition was fierce, and each chowder was excellent in its own right making it a very difficult decision.

“The results are as follows:

People’s Choice

  • First Place: Chiko&T’s Restaurant
  • Second Place: The Cloud at the Waterfront
  • Third Place: Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio

Judge’s Awards

  • First Place: Chiko&T’s Restaurant
  • Second Place: The Loren
  • Third Place: The Spot Restaurant & Bar

“The BZS and our sponsors would like to thank all the restaurants and chefs that took part and took time away from their businesses. We are grateful to all of them for accepting the challenge and hope to invite them to next year’s challenge.

“Eat’Um to Beat’Um events are designed to expose the general public to Lionfish as a delicious food fish and to help create more demand for them. Local licensed lionfish cullers are the heart of the movement to help reduce the numbers of the species on our reefs and provide fish to various supermarkets and restaurants. If you are interested in getting involved please see the Bermuda Lionfish Taskforce website at www.lionfish.bm.

“Lionfish are an invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean and have been present in Bermuda water for just over two decades. They are indiscriminate predators and are known to feed on 70 different types of fish and crustaceans. Having no natural predators in the Atlantic and being able to reproduce quickly they pose a real threat to upsetting the natural balance of our important reef ecosystems. Lionfish are venomous, not poisonous, meaning that the toxin is only present on some of their spines. Thankfully, their meat is delicious and provides a good opportunity to help keep them under control.

“The shared mission of BZS and The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoom [ BAMZ] is to inspire appreciation and care of island environments. As the support charity for BAMZ, the BZS is an example of a highly successful non-profit/public partnership. Each year the BZS provide more than 8,000 free educational experiences through our Stempel Foundation BZS Schools Programme in addition to popular community programmes for all ages, development of BAMZ exhibits, and conservation and research programmes. Each year, BZS Volunteers contribute over 10,000 hours of valuable husbandry support to the Aquarium and Zoo with all programmes being accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.”

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