BTA To Host Lunch & Learn Sessions

February 7, 2023

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] is relaunching its in-person Lunch & Learn Series for 2023.

A spokesperson said, “The goal of the series is to provide the local community with the latest marketing trends and consumer insights gleaned from our visitor exit survey and focus groups on best practices in delivering optimal experiences for our visitors.

“The organization has renewed its push for community involvement in the tourism industry as early reports indicate that Bermuda is expected to have an influx of visitors in the rapidly approaching summer season.

“Throughout 2023, the BTA will offer several sessions that will equip residents with the knowledge needed to tackle Bermuda’s tourism industry. As highlighted in the National Tourism Plan that’s been extended to 2026, tourism in Bermuda can only flourish with the buy-in and support of its residents.

“The luncheon series is aimed to provide best practices to the community to effect positive change and tourism development.”

Tracy Berkeley, BTA interim CEO said, “Local involvement continues to be a strategic pillar for the BTA as defined within the National Tourism Plan. The Lunch & Learn Series was developed as a result of the feedback received from attendees of the 2022 Tourism Summit.“ She continued, “With tourism being vital to our economy, it is important that we include Bermuda’s residents to showcase how they too can be part of our evolving industry.”

The spokesperson said, “The 2023 Lunch & Learn Series will be held in BTA’s Bermuda office, with each of the topics presented on the following dates:

Thursday, February 9: Tourism Standards & Training

“As the tourism industry grows, it is important that Bermuda’s residents grow and prosper along with it. Join the Tourism Standards and Training Department and learn how you can receive the continuous support provided from the BTA to navigate the hospitality and tourism industry. Tourism Standards and Training will show how they continuously elevate the industry through training, industry collaborations, leadership capacity and partnership opportunities.

Thursday, March 16: Experiences

“Join our BTA Experiences team for a masterclass in experience-building.  They will share the keys to creating a successful experience such as The St. George’s Seafood Festival, identify exciting opportunities on the 2023 calendar and outline the types of experiences that align with the National Tourism Plan objectives. You’ll also gain insider perspective to the checklist that is the key to securing BTA marketing support for your next big idea for tourism’s on-the-ground experience.

Thursday, April 20: Super Yacht / New Business Development

“Superyachts have seen tremendous growth since the BTA has made this an area of focus with a dedicated sales team. Join Jill Dill and learn how Bermuda delivers and services this exclusive jet setting travel segment.

Thursday, May 18: BTA Connect 

“Learn how to navigate BTA Connect. A portal that connects people who work for or own a business in the Bermuda tourism economy. BTA Connect allows stakeholders to update their listings on or add events to the calendar. Additionally, it houses important strategic information, news, and updates about the industry.

Thursday, June 15: Google Destination

“A businesses’ online reputation matters when users are searching for a travel destination. They need reliable and trustworthy, relevant information. Our agency partner. Miles will share the essential tools needed to address all the questions around search and mapping.

“Each Lunch & Learn session will have limited capacity. Potential participants are encouraged to reserve their seats quickly. All are welcomed to join, including travel/tourism industry professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the BTA’s pathway to market Bermuda as an alluring top of mind destination.

“There will be 2 one-hour sessions per topic [12PM & 1PM]. A light lunch will be made available. To sign up for a session or for more information visit here.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Superyachts have seen tremendous growth since the BTA has made this an area of focus with a dedicated sales team. Join Jill Dill and learn how Bermuda delivers and services this exclusive jet setting travel segment.

    Wow, talk about spin and taking credit for something they had little to do with until it became acceptable to the PLP.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    If our PLP Government wants us to be a tourist destination again then education will be important