City Of Hamilton Plan Consultation Deadline

March 21, 2023

The Ministry of Home Affairs is reminding the public that the deadline for the submission of comments on the City of Hamilton Plan 2023 [Consultative Draft] is March 24.

A Government spokesperson said, “The plan and all associated information are available on the Department of Planning’s website, and the public may continue submitting comments via email to

“Please also note that the questionnaire designed to garner feedback on key policy issues remains embedded within the story map version of the plan on the Department’s website.

“Following the conclusion of this consultation phase, the Department will review all feedback and prepare a draft plan. This draft plan will also be widely publicised upon completion, providing an additional opportunity for comments to be submitted. Further details will be provided when we enter that phase.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs takes this opportunity to thank all who have contributed to the consultation process thus far. Your feedback is appreciated.”

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