City Hall Foyer Ceiling Work Complete

June 19, 2024 | 0 Comments

The City of Hamilton confirmed that repairs to the City Hall foyer ceiling have now been completed.

A spokesperson said, “The two-month renovation was completed within the allocated budget and included a full ceiling replacement and painting of the foyer area.

“Earlier this year, the City engaged structural engineering firm Mason & Associates to carry out an assessment of the foyer ceiling, due to visible signs of cracking seen in the ceiling. The City was advised to replace the foyer ceiling and all supporting elements due to structural damage. The project contractors were Renaissance Contracting and P&M Electric, while City staff carried out the painting work. Today City CEO Dwayne Caines commended all work crews involved for their professionalism, work ethic and dedication in preserving a piece of Bermuda’s architectural history.

“The breathtaking foyer chandeliers [pictured] were also given a thorough clean and rejuvenation during the process. The late George Trott carved the two wooden chandeliers, which weigh in at 500lb each, in 1959 at his carpentry shop in North Village.”

City CEO Dwayne Caines is pictured with the work crew from Renaissance Contracting, as well as City Project Manager Donald Dawkins and City employee Carlos Brum

Foyer Ceiling Bermuda June 19 2024

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