OBA: ‘Little Being Done About BELCO Emissions’

March 14, 2023

[Updated] “One could surmise that the PLP does not care one bit about the schoolchildren, teachers, businesses and those living around the power station who are subject to the unhealthy emissions of BELCO,” Nicky Gurret, the OBA candidate for Constituency 18 Pembroke West Central said.

Ms Gurret said, “I say this is because the PLP is not effecting any change from BELCO. MP Wayne Caines, who is the president and CEO of BELCO says he is well aware of the environmental impact to the neighbouring houses surrounding BELCO but it feels as if little is being done to address the unhealthy emissions.

“His fellow PLP colleagues, Ministers Jason Hayward, Walter Roban, and Michael Weeks and the person with the most power, Premier David Burt—where are their voices?

“Health Minister Kim Wilson needs to urgently write to Mr Caines and tell him his company emissions are a nuisance and health hazard.”

Update 5.45pm: Minister Walter Roban said, “To suggest that the Government does not care about the impact of BELCO’s power plant emissions on area residents, schools, and businesses is disingenuous and utterly ridiculous.”

“This Government has always made clear its commitment to address the unacceptable situation area residents, businesses, and schools face from BELCO’s emissions and is hard at work to resolve it.”

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  1. Payattention says:

    What is the OBA doing? Have YOU “urgently” written to Mr. Caines telling him his “company emissions are a nuisance and health hazard?” Have YOU called Health Minister Kim Wilson about the “wellbeing of the schoolchildren, teachers, businesses and those living around the power station who are subject to the unhealthy emissions of BELCO?” This should not be about finger pointing. We ALL should be outraged.

    Politics…six one way half a dozen the other…

    • Gwan says:

      @Payattention. If by now Mr. Caine’s who works at Belco, has been interviewed by reporters, is closely connected with the PLP and works with other PLP members at BELCO does not know there is a problem and you are inferring that a letter from Ms Gurret will help….well God Help us All as we are on more trouble that I thought.

    • Nicky says:

      You ask what the OBA is doing about this issue.

      So far the OBA has:

      (1) met with local resident groups in Pembroke to understand their concerns;

      (2) publicly rebuked the Government for failing to take any action;

      (3) met twice with Belco to discuss their remediation proposals;

      (4) attended BCAC meetings to better understand their requests for remediation;

      (5) met with the RA to discuss the scope of its powers to intervene; and

      (6) proposed in Parliament that residents receive piped water to their homes, so at least they have water to drink and bathe.

      No doubt there is more the Opposition could do.

      No doubt there is more the Opposition will do.

      Yet it is the Government and the Environmental Authority who have the power to do something…

  2. David says:

    PLP have been in power for over two decades.