Minister Thanks Gombeys After Unity Event

March 14, 2023

“I want to take this opportunity to join the community in expressing my support for the recently held ‘Gombey Unity Link Up’, which was an amazing event,” Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Senator Owen Darrell said, adding that he wants to “publicly extend my appreciation to all our Gombey Troupes for coming together in a spirit of camaraderie and unity.”

The Minister added, ““Our Gombeys are an iconic representation of Bermuda’s history, culture and traditions. And it was truly poignant to see what can be accomplished when we can come together for the good of our community and our country, despite our challenges.


“This was excellently demonstrated by our Gombey Troupes with the ‘Gombey Unity Link Up’. They sought to resolve their differences through creative expression and music. It was the outlet that we all needed, and I believe that our country is better for it. I thank all the Troupes that made this happen and I look forward to supporting more community events like this featuring our iconic Gombeys.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Minister wished to recognize the leadership of the Bermuda Gombey Council as they work to strengthen the Bermuda Gombey culture and set a positive example for the young people in Bermuda.”

The Minister continued, “There were six groups gathered at Bull’s Head – approximately 50 drummers and 100 dancers aged from 3-years and up. Each of the six captains shared duties, and this is the first time in Bermuda’s history that the Bermuda Gombeys have danced together like this.”

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