Consultation Deadline For Hotel SDO Extended

May 2, 2023 | 1 Comment

[Updated] The public consultation deadline for making submissions on the Fairmont Southampton Special Development Order [SDO] has been extended to Friday, May 26th.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Home Affairs is pleased to advise that the public consultation deadline for making submissions on the Fairmont Southampton Special Development Order [SDO] is extended to Friday, 26 May 2023.

“At this time, the Ministry wishes to remind the public how to comment on planning applications to ensure all residents who want to provide constructive feedback can do so in a way that reaches the appropriate authorities and contributes to the final decision.

“To that end, the complete process is available online through the Department of Planning at Commenting on Planning Applications.

“Of particular importance is the section on how to submit comments, which advises that any objection or representation must adhere to all criteria of Section 18 of the Development and Planning [Application Procedure] Rules 1997 by satisfying all of the points set out below:

  • Identify the application to which the comments relate and the application reference number [i.e. P0001-19]
  • Contain the name of the person making the objection or representation, an email address and an address in Bermuda at which notices may be served upon them
  • Where the objection or representation is signed by more than one person, specify one address in Bermuda at which notice may be served upon those making the objection
  • State whether the person making the comments has an interest in land in the vicinity of the land to which the application relates and, if so, the nature of that interest and the location of that land
  • Specify the grounds upon which the objection or representation is made [which must include at least one material planning consideration relevant to that particular application]
  • Be signed by the person or persons making the comments [digital signatures are acceptable]

“However, it is essential to note that only those individuals who have created a Customer Self Service [CSS] portal account can submit comments.

“Creating an account is easy with a handy video here on YouTube explaining how to register a CSS account. If customers prefer to read the instructions, a PDF document is available online here.

“Furthermore, also online is the complete process by which SDO applications are considered as set out in the Development and Planning Act 1974 and the Department of Planning’s Procedures for Making Special Development Orders.

“It is vital to understand that all who wish to express their views and have them contribute to the final decision on any submission must follow the proper procedure to be considered. For further information or questions about the Customer Self-Service portal, email”

Update 6.25pm: A Bermuda Audubon Society spokesperson said, “We are pleased to report that after representations were made by the Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST], Bermuda National Trust and the Bermuda Audubon Society, Minister Roban has agreed to a three-week extension of the consultation period to Friday 26 May 2023. This is a holiday so we will need clarification on exact deadline for submissions. We had asked for 6 weeks given the complexity of the documents and the difficulties the public has had navigating the online portal at Planning. However, we will do the best we can with the additional time that we have available.

“We encourage everyone with concerns to submit their letters of objection to Planning. Written and video instructions can be found on our website at as well as the websites of the Bermuda National Trust [] and BEST []. We are available to help people with the process as are the other organizations and can be reached at We are still seeking clarification on the hand-delivery of the objection letters [typed or hand-written]. We hope this option will be made available for those who are not computer savvy or do not have ready access to computers to make this a legitimate and truly inclusive consultation process.”

Update 6.34pm: Bermuda National Trust Executive Director Karen Border said, “At the end of last week, the Bermuda National Trust, along with BEST and the Bermuda Audubon Society, asked Minister Roban for a six-week extension to the period for objections to the SDO. We are pleased that an extension has been granted, even though it is shorter than we feel appropriate, given the huge scale and significance of this proposed development.

“Extending the period for objections was the right thing to do. It was clearly unreasonable to allow only 21 days for the public to review over 700 pages of complex and technical materials in the application. A normal planning application, for example for a simple extension or single home, allows 14 days for objections; this development proposes 261 units, many of them on protected recreational land.

“It has taken time for the Bermuda public to begin to realise what is at stake with this development and we have seen a groundswell of concern. Given that changes to the SDO legislation in 2021 now mean that there is no requirement for a parliamentary debate of the issues, it is even more important that there is public discussion and debate as we have seen via print, broadcast and social media. A decision as important as this for the long-term future of our island should not be rushed.

“BNT has also been inundated with requests for help from people who have been unable to navigate the complexity of the Planning Department’s online portal submission process. We are seeking confirmation that letters hand-delivered to the Planning department will definitely be accepted. Given that the online process is proving a significant obstacle to many people, we trust that Planning will do the right thing and accept paper letters.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    If the real reason is to get the SP back up and welcoming guests what is stopping Gencom beginning the renovations now? Burt and Roban have clearly signed the final SDO to allow funding to be secured, yet here we are apparently delaying the start of the hotel renovation by another month, or more. Something is not right. Is Gencom holding Burt’s feet to the fire to get more concessions? Why delay the work on the hotel while waiting for the SDO? Burt needs to come out and explain exactly what is going on and the tax and duty allowances.
    As to the proposed additional units that needs to be pre sold before construction begins, how can they be priced 5 – 10 years out? This whole scheme makes no sense.

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