Dismasted Yacht Safely Returns To Bermuda

May 14, 2023

A 32-foot yacht — traveling from Bermuda to the Azores — that became dismasted in a storm had a diesel transfer in order to make it back to Bermuda.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Bermuda Radio received a satellite telephone call from the German registered 32 ft sloop MARU which had departed Bermuda on the 1st May with two people onboard, the yacht was on passage to the Azores in a position 490 miles to the west of Bermuda when she became dismasted in a storm.

“The yacht was returning to Bermuda using the engine alone, unfortunately they were only able to make around 3 knots and did not have sufficient fuel onboard to make it back from Bermuda.

“The MARU was put on a communications schedule to monitor progress and at 12:30 pm on Sunday 7th May with the assistance of the U.S Coast Guard at RCC Norfolk, the tanker Amazon Virtue was diverted to the MARU to transfer 200 liters of diesel so she could continue onto Bermuda.

“The dismasted yacht continued her slow progress back to Bermuda eventually arriving back in St Georges Harbour at 2:00 pm on Thursday 11th May.”

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