Hamilton Lions Raise Funds For Charity

May 19, 2023

Bermuda’s drivers filled their tanks for a charitable cause last weekend as part of the rescheduled Gas-o-Rama at Rubis Terceira’s North Shore gas station.

Members of Hamilton Lions Club, the event organisers, pumped gas from 7 am to 6 pm last Saturday, while volunteers from the Bermuda Golf Association’s junior programme held a car wash.

Hamilton Lions Raise Funds For Charity May 2023

The amount raised from the event is still being calculated.

This year’s beneficiaries, the BGA junior programme, Vision Bermuda and Tomorrow’s Voices, have already received $5,750 each from the Gas-o-Rama raffle, held in February.

The Gas-o-Rama was due to be held in February but was postponed because of road closures.

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