Historic Win By Female Sailors In One-Two Race

June 18, 2023 | 3 Comments

In a historic showing by an all-female sailing crew, First Light won the return leg of the Bermuda One Two Race today [June 18] with the two sailors — Cole Brauer and Catherine Chimney– finishing the 635 nautical mile race to Rhode Island in just over 73 hours.

First Light leaving Bermuda on Thursday:

Bermuda One Two 2023 Race 2nd Leg June 15 2023 (9)

First Light has recorded a commanding victory again, with the online tracker showing that as of this writing, the next closest competitor is some 37 nautical miles away and is not expected to finish until this evening.

The Bermuda One Two Race involves a solo sailor racing from Newport, Rhode Island to Bermuda, and then two sailors racing back from Bermuda to Newport, a trip that is approximately 635 nautical miles each way,.

Ms Brauer, 29, won the solo portion earlier this month, where she finished a day ahead of everyone else to become the first woman to ever win in the race’s 46 year history, and Catherine Chimney joined her on First Light for the return portion, which set off from Bermuda on June 15th.

The organisers previously confirmed to Bernews that Cole Brauer was the first woman to win the solo portion, so with the win today in the double handed portion, the two sailors become the first women to win the entire race.

The sailing race course to Bermuda is quite active at this time, as in addition to the 19 remaining entrants in the Bermuda One Two Race sailing back to Rhode Island, over 30 boats are currently sailing to the island as part of the 2023 Marion Bermuda Race from Massachusetts, and the One Two race log has several sailors noting they passed yachts taking part in the Marion Bermuda Race.

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  1. Reflections of? says:

    Good job Ladies. ! Congratulations on your historic win and looking forwrd to you defending your title.

  2. puzzled says:

    This is one crazy thread.

    First woman/women.

    Not a mention of men, seagulls, robots in the race.

    I need a double.

  3. Moe Roddy says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! In 2005 Katie Ambach and myself became the first all women’s team to race both legs. I did the single handed leg and Katie joined me for the double handed leg back. That was almost 20 years ago and it’s taken this long for another female team to race and boy did you race! Your win is beyond awesome! So exciting! Well done!

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