Spirit Of Bermuda Updates From Marion Race

June 21, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Spirit of Bermuda has reported in from the 2023 Marion Bermuda race, with Captain Chris Blake saying “Bermuda here we come.”

Captain Blake said, “Yesterday proved to be a treat in terms of marine life. We saw a couple of whales off in the distance, followed by a pod of dolphins who came alongside for a look at us. They quickly got bored and moved on though. A few flying fish also paid tribute while we took an opportunity to put the small boat in the water and go take photos of Spirit on all her glory with full spinnaker rigged.

“Sadly, the continuing lack of any wind brought about the inevitable decision to start the engine and begin to motor to Bermuda. After two days of little wind our fates were sealed. We are now 258nm from Sea Buoy. Bermuda here we come!

“Sad news for our crew, but it looks like the marine life is keeping them entertained. We are looking forward to welcoming Spirit home soon and hope they get some wind soon so they can enjoy more great sailing.”

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