Plans Submitted For Coast Guard Substation

June 14, 2023

A planning application has been submitted to convert the old Post Office building in St David’s into a Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard Substation.

The planning application said, “We are writing on behalf of our client The Government of Bermuda, relating to their application for the proposed Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard Substation located at #103 St. David’s Road, St. George’s [the old St. David’s Post Office]. This proposal hinges on the requirement for the Royal Bermuda Regiment’s Coast Guard Unit to expand their regional posts to the Eastern End of the island.

“The location of the proposed Coast Guard Substation was strategically selected as these eastern waters are the main port of entry for incoming marine vessels travelling to Bermuda. Therefore, this additional station is a necessity for effective Coast Guard response service for the whole Island. The Substation facility also operates as safe lodging quarters for residences in need during hurricanes, evacuations, and other disasters.

“The scope of the works proposed in this application include, converting the old Post Office building into the new RBR Coast Guard Substation with a new covered entry porch to the north, this will become the new main entrance into the substation building from the parking area. The porch extension adds approximately 114 sq ft of new site coverage to the property.

“The proposed new interior layout was designed to facilitate the operations of the substation, there will be a new Ops Room, Surveillance Room, Commanders Office / Interview Room, Weapons Safe, Break Room with Kitchenette, Hall, Storage, Lodging Quarters/Training Room, new Shower Rooms and Bathrooms. There will be structural & MEP upgrades throughout the structure.

Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard Substation June 10 2023

“The proposed new site works include an 8 ft high boundary fence around the boundary of the property and a new 24 ft wide x 8 ft high double automated sliding gate with 9 ft high flanking entry columns to secure the facility. There is also a new floating dock [to have a minimum impact on the marine environment] and exterior stair with gate to dock for easy access to the Coast Guard’s marine fleet, enhancing efficiency in deployments.

“Minor landscaping is proposed around the new exterior stair to enhance the vegetation within the coastal reserve. A new fuel tank on a concrete slab with bund wall to fuel the marine fleet is also proposed as a refueling station, to be accessible for the facility continuously, in the event of emergencies and natural disasters. The fuel operations will align with the Bermuda Coast Guard’s current practices of effective and continuing waste maintenance program to prevent oil/fuel seepage into the marine environment.

“As this project is integral in the Government of Bermuda’s mandate for enhancing the island’s National Security and establishing successful enforcement especial within the Coast Guard unit, we are hopeful that the above will satisfy the Board as sufficient ‘Grounds in Support’ of this application so that the DAB can favorably assess for the approval of our proposed DAP 1 application.

“The Royal Bermuda Regiment continues to play a vital role in the protection, safety and unity of the country and we hope that the Department of Planning considers the Planning Gains and National Security Enhancements this project has to offer.”

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  1. Missed Opportunity says:

    Why is valuable waterfront real estate being allocated for use by the Coast Guard? It should be renovated for tourism (watersports and a restaurant or in conjunction with Black Horse). Build a marina like at Robinsons at Somerset Bridge. The Coast Guard should share the facilities at Fort George with Bermuda Radio and keep any boats down the hill at Tiger Bay (or in bad weather inside Ordnance Island).

  2. puzzled says:

    Follow the money.

  3. Kent Stewart says:

    Couldn’t we put this off for awhile and save some dollars ? I’m sure it’s needed but it is more important to get out of debt…

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “it is more important to get out of debt”

      Bite your tongue, Kent. The Bermuda Government has stopped paying into the sinking fund, we are raising the debt ceiling and borrowing more money each year.

      There is no need for the Bermuda Government to act in a fiscally responsible way!

    • Peter Parker says:

      I second this suggestion.