Coast Guard To Patrol Over Holiday Weekend

June 15, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard urges people to enjoy their time on the water safely as the island prepares for a long holiday weekend.

As residents and visitors take their places on beaches and boats, the unit will step up patrols to guard against anti-social behaviour or actions that put people at risk.

Captain Jeffrey Patterson, the Coast Guard Commander, said: “There will be heightened focus on offences such as operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, lack of appropriate vessel safety equipment and breaches of Marine and Ports licensing regulations.

“We understand the wish to party while out on the water, but we urge the boating public to be considerate and courteous to other members of the public, fellow boat operators and householders nearby when playing music, especially late at night.”

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Vessel operators were asked to note that buoy lines will be installed to create safe swimming zones at Shelly Bay, Clearwater Beach and Clarence Cove at Admiralty House Park.

Float plans should be filed with a friend or Bermuda Radio before boat operators leave shore and should include the name of the vessel, how many people are on board, the intended route or destination and the anticipated time of return.

Capt Patterson said: “It is law to have one fitting life jacket for every person in the boat.

“Every boat operating at night must have flares, dye, rockets, smoke and they must be in date.

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“As of June 1, your boat has to be licensed for the year 2023-24.”

Other regulations include that boaters must not exceed the 5-knot speed limit and must operate at a speed such that no wake is created within 100 metres from shore.

Appropriate safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, must be carried for the size of the vessel, and navigation lights must be in working order while operating at night.

Capt Patterson said: “This weekend we will have extra vessels out there on the water doing patrols in areas that are expected to be busy with boaters.

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“We will have a high visibility to make sure that boaters are adhering to rules and regulations, and everyone is having a good time but staying safe.

“We thank the public for their consideration and, in keeping with the celebratory nature of the holiday, hope people will moderate their behaviour.”

The RBR invites residents to join the Regiment before the end of June to take part in its next Recruit Camp, which will run from July 9 to 21.

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