July 2023: Top 10 Bernews Instagram Photos

July 31, 2023 | 0 Comments

During July 2023, the top 10 ‘most liked’ photos on the Bernews Instagram page included the Canada Day BBQ beach party, Bermuda women’s football team, Bermuda men’s tennis team, Eastern County Cup, BILTIR’s awarding of scholarship to Zyhun Robinson, seaglass on beach, golfer Ebonie Cox, Somer Isles Trading Company’s store opening at LF Wade International Airport, Yushae DeSilva-Andrade and Omar Hayward winning silver medals, and KPMG awards scholarship to Sancho Smith.

#1 – Association of Canadians In Bermuda Hosts Canada Day BBQ Beach Party

#2 – Bermuda Women’s Football Team Prepares For Island Games

#3 – Bermuda Men’s Tennis Claim Island’s First Medal At Island Games

#4 – Eastern County Cup

#5 – BILTIR Awards Scholarship To Zyhun Robinson

#6 – Seaglass On Beach

#7 – Golfer Ebonie Cox Wins Second Gold Medal At Island Games

#8 – Somer Isles Trading Company Store Opens at LF Wade International Airport

#9 – Yushae DeSilva-Andrade & Omar Hayward Win Silver Medals

#10 – KPMG Awards Scholarship To Sancho Smith

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