Butterfield Introduces ‘Mobile Queueing’

July 30, 2023 | 0 Comments

Butterfield has introduced a ‘mobile queueing’ option at Front Street Banking Centre ahead of Cup Match week, with people able to scan a QR code and “monitor their position in the line and receive a direct notification within their browser to alert them when they are due to be served.”

A spokesperson said, “With this technology in place, clients who need to visit the Front Street Banking Centre can join the queue on their mobile device by scanning a QR code or visiting www.butterfieldgroup.com.

“Once in the queue, clients will be able to monitor their position in the line and receive a direct notification within their browser to alert them when they are due to be served. Once a client reaches the front of the virtual queue, they will have 2 minutes to appear but if they miss their initial turn, their number will be put back in the queue 2 additional times before they are removed and will need to re-join.

Butterfield Bermuda Head Office Sept 2022

Shawnette Griffin, Butterfield’s Head of Retail Banking and Operations in Bermuda said, “The new mobile queuing system provides an efficient and convenient service and gives our clients the flexibility to manage their time when visiting the Banking Centre. If it is busy, which it always is before Cup Match, a client who has joined the queue on their mobile device can choose to leave the Banking Centre and get a coffee until it is their time to be served. We encourage clients to take advantage of mobile queuing, in addition to our recently returned Saturday Banking hours, so they are ready for a most enjoyable holiday.”

The spokesperson added, “Clients can find the QR code in several locations including outside of the Front Street Banking Centre, on top of the kiosk in the banking hall entrance and on the 1st floor through the Retail Arcade entrance. The mobile queue can also be joined by visiting Butterfield’s website at www.butterfieldgroup.com and either scanning the QR code or clicking the link. The mobile queuing technology is geo-fenced to 500m, meaning clients can use the website to join the queue from most locations within the City of Hamilton and are not tied to the Banking Centre while they wait. Ambassadors are available to support clients who want to try the new service.

“For the Cup Match holiday, the Front Street Banking Centre will be open for Saturday Banking on 5 August from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. All Banking Centres will be closed on Thursday, 3 August and Friday, 4 August, 2023. Clients can continue to access their accounts using our ATM network and Butterfield Online.”

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