OBA Candidates Tessitore & Cunningham

July 31, 2023 | 6 Comments

The One Bermuda Alliance has announced Sophia Tessitore as its approved candidate for Constituency 21, Pembroke South East and Victoria Cunningham as its approved candidate for Constituency 13, Devonshire North Central.

Constituency 21 is currently held by the PLP’s Curtis Dickinson, while PLP MP Diallo Rabain is the current MP for Constituency 13.

Sophia Tessitore Bermuda July 31 2023 A spokesperson said, “The One Bermuda Alliance is pleased to announce Sophia Tessitore as its approved candidate for Constituency 21, Pembroke South East.

“At 22, Sophia is currently the youngest political candidate in Bermuda. A 2021 graduate of the Bermuda College, Sophia has just completed her first semester of online studies with Pennsylvania State University where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in history.

“Sophia is passionate about Bermuda, its people, its culture and its future. Educated entirely within the Bermuda Public School System, Sophia’s desire is for every student to have access to an education that they can be proud of, and most importantly one in which will set them on the pathway to success regardless of their career path of choice.

“Along with previously working the island’s art sector, Sophia is also an advocate for those in the LGBTQ+ community.”

Ms. Tessitore said, “As a young Bermudian, the problem of cost of living, employment, marriage equality and the environment are very important to me. My goal is to eradicate or improve these problematic issues through my candidacy with the OBA. I believe Bermuda is in a dire situation and we must invest in our economy and properly manage our island’s resources if we want to succeed in the coming decades.

“Our hard-working team at the One Bermuda Alliance is passionate about empowering every resident of this island through sensible economic policies and responsible Government management that meets the needs of all Bermudians, across race, class and income bracket.”

Victoria Cunningham Bermuda July 31 2023 The spokesperson said, “Victoria Cunningham [née Clipper] is One Bermuda Alliance’s approved candidate for Constituency 13, Devonshire North Central.

“She is proud of her deep Bermudian roots and is able to trace her family back generations.

“Educated in the UK, Victoria returned to Bermuda in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Geography from the University of Liverpool. Arriving days after Hurricane Fabian hit the island, she worked in the claims department of BF&M. She then transitioned into reinsurance broking with Kirkway International before making the switch to underwriting in 2010 when she started at Tokio Millennium Re [TMR].

“While at TMR she had the opportunity to chair its Donations Committee with budgets upwards of $400,000. This gave Victoria insight into the Third Sector in Bermuda and she continues to cherish the relationships built to this day.

“In 2019, Victoria moved to Allied World Re, where she manages their Specialty Reinsurance portfolio, building relationships with clients and brokers both in Bermuda and overseas.

“Throughout her career, Victoria has also worked in multiple hospitality roles with The Bermuda Bistro, Robin Hood, The World Rugby Classic and Goslings.

“Victoria is passionate about youth development and counts tens of young Bermudians as her mentees as she helps guide them from the end of high school, through college or university and into careers.

“She has been Chairman of both the Bermuda Chapter for the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters and the Bermuda Under 40s [Re]insurance group. Victoria has also educated many through the Bermuda Insurance Institute and Bermuda College with courses relating to International Business.

“In 2015, Victoria won the Young Industry Leader award from the Bermuda Insurance Institute. She sits on the Board of the Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies [BFIS] and also Chairs the BFIS Mentor Networking Committee and sits on the BFIS Schools Outreach Committee.

“A member of the One Bermuda Alliance since 2011, Victoria has worked up from the branch level, holding positions of Caucus Secretary [2016 – 2018], Branch Campaign Manager [C30] and most recently Deputy Chairman in 2020-2022.

“Victoria has been married to Adrian since 2013 and they live in Smith’s.”

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  1. puzzled says:

    Need some young blood.
    Best of luck against the losers.

  2. VIP says:

    Sacrificial lambs is what they’re. Ms. Tessitore you need to consider challenging JETGATE for his safe OBA seat. The party needs new people FAST!!

  3. No thank you! says:

    Seriously! Do you really want a 22 year old running the Country. Honestly OBA, do you want to be viewed as a viable alternative to the current government. Have you listened to her interviews? I did, and impressed – not at all! Do you think she has the qualifications to jump start the economy, look out for our seniors, be taken seriously by IB or airlines execs? Running a country effectively takes knowledge and experience. This is a college kid, who has 3 more years to get her Bachelors Degree. I heard the OBA had a full slate of Candidates, but I am left shaking my head!!!

    This is nothing personal, but ask yourself, does she have the attributes to be your next Minister of Education? Minister of …….. I don’t think so.

    I am looking for a slate of quality candidates. Mr. Curtis Dickinson can you and friends please start a new party because I’m not voting for either of the current political parties in the next election.

    • tucker says:

      Do you think your current leader has those qualifications?
      Your post is racist and hypocritical…you seem to be unaware of Bermudas’ current status. It isn’t good.

      • OMG says:

        You sound like one of the dumb ones that advise the OBA! Why would you place this young lady against Curtis Dickinson. It’s like dropping a chicken in a panther’s cage. Jarion I’m told you time and time again start you’re own 3rd party and distance yourself from these losers.

        • hmmm says:

          I understand you’re frustrated but never type when angry. I agree with you this sounds like something the leader Cole would do since he did inform Bda that if made the next government he would bring the TA form back. :)

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