Environmentally Friendly Cup Match Planned

August 2, 2023 | 2 Comments

St. George’s Cricket Club [SGCC] and Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] are collaborating on a Green Events Waste Management Plan for this year’s Annual Cup Match Classic.

A spokesperson said, “The partnership also includes Recycle Bermuda, the Department of Waste Management and Wilmot’s Trucking who are working together towards the common goal of minimising trash and increasing recycling during this major event. Our combined efforts, which include a robust public awareness campaign, are designed to encourage Cup Match spectators and revellers to reduce waste, prevent littering and increase recycling – especially for drink cans and bottles.

“Weather permitting, this year’s Cup Match Classic is expected to draw upwards of 15,000 fans to Wellington Oval over the two-day event. The grounds are being prepared to keep recyclable materials [tin, aluminium and glass] separated from trash and attendees are asked to be mindful of properly disposing of their waste. Recyclables, including glass bottles, cans and aluminium pans or foil wrap, go in the blue bins. All other trash, including paper and plastic products, can be placed in the red bins with black bags.”

Romeo Ruddock, SGCC’s Project Manager for Cup Match said “We are pleased with the progress being made with this year’s waste management plan. KBB and the Department of Waste Management have been very supportive of SGCC’s efforts to provide a thorough plan for organising and handling the volume of trash and recyclables that are generated from Cup Match. The Club is moving in a more sustainable direction and everyone has a role to play in keeping Bermuda clean and beautiful. Small efforts by each of us to put trash where it belongs and recyclables in the blue bins will lead to a greater impact overall.”

KBB’s Executive Director, Traci Burgess added “Romeo and the SGCC 2023 Cup Match planning committee have been amazing to work with and we are looking forward to a safe, fun and successful event this Thursday and Friday. Several dozen pairs of trash and recycling bins have been strategically placed around the grounds to make it easier for spectators to make the best choices with how they are disposing of their waste. The overall plan, and KBB’s public messaging, is aimed at supporting the Club’s efforts to minimise the event’s environmental footprint. KBB encourages everyone at the game, as well as those who are enjoying recreational activities this holiday weekend, to reduce waste, eliminate litter and keep Bermuda beautiful.”

She continued “In addition to providing bins and encouraging good waste management behaviours, KBB is also partnered with Wilmot’s Trucking and Recycle Bermuda on a big public awareness campaign for Cup Match. We are asking everyone to consider the 5Rs throughout this holiday weekend and beyond: 1] RETHINK your personal habits; 2] REFUSE single-use plastics; 3] REDUCE the amount of waste you generate; 4] REUSE eco-friendly reusable products as often as possible; and 5] RECYCLE tin, aluminium and glass. Let’s all do our part and contribute to a cleaner, greener, healthier and more beautiful Bermuda for all.”

The spokesperson said, “Listen out for KBB’s public messaging during the live radio broadcasts and online streaming coverage of the game. You can also connect with KBB’s social media platforms for helpful tips and visit www.KBB.bm for more information.”

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