Parents Urged To Register Children With Asthma

August 28, 2023 | 1 Comment

The Minister of Health “encourages parents to register their children [ages 4-18yr] who have asthma on the 2023/2024 Bermuda Student Asthma Registry.”

A Government spokesperson said, “A student with asthma needs to be added to the registry every year, as their health, school, address, contact details, etc. may have changed. If your child has asthma, or you suspect they might, please add their information to the 2023/2024 Bermuda Student Asthma Registry –”

“We aim to enhance and support students with asthma in having the healthiest year they can,” explained Kim Wilson, the Minister of Health. “We encourage parents and caregivers to provide this vital information every September, ensuring precision due to possible changes in students’ health status and school particulars. Yearly registration also enables our asthma specialists to conduct the most current evaluations of students with asthma.”

The spokesperson said, “The registry provides local asthma healthcare providers, as well as the ministries of Health and Education, the ability to track and ensure proper supports are in place for students with asthma. This is a collaborative effort of the Department of Education, the Department of Health, the Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] – Asthma Education Centre and Open Airways, a Bermuda registered charity. Information given is held as strictly confidential.”

“Our cohesive group of healthcare providers is dedicated to the core objective of ensuring that every child dealing with asthma obtains the necessary guidance and support required to enjoy a wholesome and successful academic year,” stated Debbie Barboza, Asthma Nurse Educator from BHB and the Department of Health. “Highly skilled asthma nurses will review the survey statistics and target their assistance to those most in need.”

The spokesperson said, “Open Airways will deliver free spacers and offer spacer technique demos at island-wide locations to assist with these efforts. For further information, contact Mary Ellen Ewles”

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  1. Aiesha Oliver says:

    This is a great initiative by Open Airways. I took the course several years ago online. Is Open Airways also working with pediatrians, schools, and parents to ensure good asthma interventions are written up for the health component of IEPs? Very good about the spacers…are extra asthma pumps on hand at all schools in case of emergencies? Have school staff been offered the Open Airways course as part of their continuing professional development? Perhaps the BEC and Dept of Health could subsidise the fees.

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