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August 23, 2023 | 0 Comments

[Written by Dale Butler]

After you are entertained by the legendary Toni Bari and his band of contemporaries, you wonder what is next. You then realize that the Music Wall of Fame in Rosalie Gardens has the answer.

On the top of the wall is a list of music venues that highlighted that no matter what the fate of a music establishment, another one soon followed. Bermuda has fewer venues than the 1960s to 1990s, but music goes on with venues like the Ex-Artillery and The Leopards Club filling the gap along with The Lido Complex, BMDS, the Hamilton Princess, and The Loren.

One can never escape the Earl Cameron Theatre, which is the most requested venue in Bermuda and taking the house by storm after four years living in Panama, learning Spanish, playing at a variety of venues, was the much anticipated Simons Brothers.

  • Jonathan – aged 23 – guitar and singer who started at age 6
  • Solomon – aged 21 – piano and singer who started at age 4
  • Leonardo – aged 7 – drums, who started at age 5

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The brothers had a very effective advert plan that ensured Bermudians would be aware of their return with giant posters blazing the entrance to City Hall, on street poles, articles in Bernews, the Royal Gazette, and YouTube. No stones were overturned and they clearly demonstrated that they can follow in the footsteps of the legends mentioned above.

They arrived with a track record firmly established at the America’s Cup, the Tall Ships Regatta, Southampton Princess, and Harbour Nights, to name but a few. With an aging entertainment fleet, they brought two nights of applause and standing ovations to the Earl Cameron Theatre with a smoke gun, photo area, meet the stars, an informative slideshow highlighting their goals, original songs, and other songs highlighting their theme of ‘Music that Sparkles.’

  • Fantasy – Earth Wind and Fire
  • Just the Two of Us
  • Mas que Nada by Sergio Mendez and Brazil
  • Hoy es adios by Carlos Santana
  • A Medley September – Earth Wind and Fire and others [the audience got up danced then did a dance line around the front and middle, a first for me at City Hall]
  • Boogie Wonderland- Earth Wind and Fire
  • The Beat Goes On – The Whispers

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This young band has produced CDs and can be seen on YouTube. I commend them for their concert and salute their parents Wenelle and Ondre Simons and their music teachers. No doubt a fan club is coming.

The second review comes from Rosalie Gardens on Saturday, August 18, which was packed with a group of enthusiastic fans who purchased tickets directly from its lead star Live Wires – Mitchel Trott, who brought his band of stars, including Graham Maule [guest], Desta Zion, Wency Woolridge, Zane Bean, Kevin Aswad Wilson, and singer Phiemma Caisey. They broke a lot of records and the Bermuda ice bucket fell to pieces when Live Wires sang:

  • Mercy and Grace
  • More n More
  • Reggae Highway
  • Gombey Warrior

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Then he surprised his mom, Jeannie Usher [Trott] when he sang Happy Birthday to her. The crowd was on its feet with no worries about inflation or arthritis. Unbelievable! How they stayed energetic from the start of the song to the non-stop end [40 minutes later with a medley] was indeed a tribute to their enduring stamina and the outstanding performance of the performers.

Live Wires and band have a busy schedule starting with a sound exhibition at Bernard’s Park on Saturday, August 26 from 12.00pm to 8.00pm and Devonshire on his his birthday, August 26.

For a comprehensive listing of live entertainment, I strongly recommend Tony Brannon’s outstanding webpage, which is regularly updated, at and Instagram.

- Dale Butler is the Professor of Bermuda Music and he would like to encourage you to support a variety of music projects organized by Atlantic Publishing House. He does not take invitations to review books, restaurants or shows. Contact Dale Butler at 595-9841 or

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