Video: SiriusPoint Rings NYSE Closing Bell

August 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

SiriusPoint rang the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] Closing Bell earlier this week.

SiriusPoint CEO Scott Egan said, “Today is a special day for SiriusPoint. Who would have thought 12 months ago we’d be standing here with our logo around the New York Stock Exchange, our share price up 140%, and what makes me proud is that it’s not by accident. It’s the result of blood, sweat and tears of not just everyone in this room, but by everyone of our colleagues around the world. And there’s still more to come.

“When a company has been through a turnaround as SiriusPoint has, sometimes you need confidence behind the proof points. So I hope everyone here today, and those watching the bell ringing around the offices, look at the SiriusPoint logos behind us, they look at us on the trading floor and during the bell ringing, because every single person at the company has worked hard to make that happen. You have my huge thanks for helping us do that.

“I’ve always said that the first half of the year shapes us, but the second half of the year defines us. And so it’s really important that we keep our eye on the ball, remembering the detail matters, and that we close this year out. This year is a platform for 2024 and 2025, and I, alongside you, want to make this one of the companies that operates at the highest levels and operates as the best in class in our markets. I don’t want to be average; I want people to talk about SiriusPoint as being the best at what we do.

“The most special part of being here today is the values nominations that we ran and as you all know, our colleagues voted for people to be on the platform. And there’s no greater privilege than being voted for by your colleagues. I know some people are relatively new to the organization and others have been here for a very long time. Every single one of you has put your DNA on SiriusPoint so a huge welcome today and a huge congratulations to you.

“I hope you all go home from today with a great memory and a few stories to share. Thank you for being here today.”

A spokesperson said, “The SiriusPoint colleagues joining Scott Egan were:

  • Josh Altman, Compliance Manager – P&C Programs, New York
  • Susan Hiscock, Executive Assistant, New York
  • Lloyd Holder, Chief Information Security Officer, Bermuda
  • Manish Munshi, Chief Data Officer, New York
  • Barbro Skold, Manager Global UW Quality, Control & Support, VP, Senior UW, Sweden
  • Harry Trelawny, International Head of Accident & Health, London
  • Victoria Wang, AVP, SEC Reporting & Accounting Policy Manager, New York
  • Tori Wholey, AVP, SEC Reporting & Accounting Policy Manager, Bermuda
  • Marc Wyss, Managing Director Zurich Branch, Zurich”

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