Huddle: ‘Demystifying Careers In Insurance’

September 11, 2023 | 2 Comments

Approaching 100 signups already, Lorene Phillips, founder of The Huddle, is expecting this upcoming educational event on Wednesday, September 13th, to be one of the most popular and meaningful to date.

A spokesperson said, “Launched in early 2022, The Huddle meets quarterly to discuss topics and issues of relevance to Millennials and Gen Z professionals. The upcoming session entitled ‘Demystifying Careers in Insurance’ looks to be a candid conversation with Bermuda’s leading and global Nextgen industry professionals.

“The conversation will feature three Bermudians working internationally: Jason Cabral [AA Underwriting Insurance Company Ltd] in Gibraltar, Joyce Duarte [Allied World] based in Atlanta, Georgia and Connor Phillips [StartPoint Executive Risks], who currently works in London. It will also include input from three Bermuda based professionals: Matthew Bacon [Price Forbes], Iman Smith [Ascot Group] and Margaret Reeves-Lottimore [AXA XL].”

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Mrs Phillips, a former underwriting executive, who is now CEO and Founder of boutique corporate coaching and leadership consulting firm, Clarendon Wallace, said: “The Huddle was created as a platform to get Gen Z and young Millennials information in an honest and simple way so that everyone can understand what skills they need to thrive in the modern workplace.

“We’ve covered topics like how to negotiate salary, build a strong network, address work burnout and build generational wealth. The overall goal is to give young people a safe space where they can learn and build awareness about professional matters in order to create a level playing field for everyone to succeed despite their background.”

The spokesperson said, “The upcoming free event will look to break down some of the myths about careers in the insurance industry by sharing the real life experiences of a handful of diverse young professionals.”

Mrs Phillips said: “Traditionally, there has been a lack of understanding about the roles and skills needed to succeed in insurance profession roles. I might ask a young person: ‘What do you want to do after you finish university?. And their answer is ‘To become an underwriter’, however they don’t know what the role entails, only that it can make them a lot of money. I want young people to know that money isn’t a silver bullet.

“What often happens is young people go into certain careers and they are disengaged at work because they don’t enjoy the job or it doesn’t naturally align with their skillset and it shows. Through this discussion I want to give young people the chance to hear from their peers and individuals that look like them, so they understand there are other rewarding careers in the insurance industry to consider and so they can be honest about which role or path is the best one for them to take.”

The spokesperson said, “Mrs Phillips also wants to correct the myth that the insurance industry isn’t for Bermudians.”

She said: “There is still this sense of intimidation that some young Bermudians feel that the insurance industry is designed for expats. Some people believe they have to be the chosen few or extremely brilliant to work in the market, but insurance isn’t just about your academic performance. It’s also about developing soft skills, leadership skills and power skills, as I call them, which will serve you in your career for years and decades to come.”

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The spokesperson said, “First, attendees will hear from the three Bermudian panelists working locally in the insurance industry; then they will hear from the three Bermudians working overseas. Before the session ends, there will also be a brief time for Q&A.”

“I believe this will be a very engaging session of The Huddle and sign ups are rapidly approaching the 100 mark already – that’s with no radio interviews or traditional advertising, only a post on LinkedIn,” Mrs Phillips explained. “I have also secured a sponsor for this event, with Kitson Group of Companies kindly stepping in to support this endeavour. Thanks to their support, we can ensure this platform continues to thrive and stays relevant and honest with real talk on things that matter for young future leaders.”

While some business industries are known for nepotism, which can create an environment where everyone looks alike and comes from a similar background, Mrs Phillips believes when given the opportunity young people from underrepresented and less privileged backgrounds can also succeed in these professions. “I’m hoping The Huddle can provide support for those who don’t have an access point or exposure to a built-in family or friend network in business,” Mrs Phillips said. “What I’ve found, not only as a mother of three young men, but also in my time speaking to and engaging with Millennials and Gen Zers, is that when given an opportunity this younger generation is doing things much differently and much better than my generation has. They do a better job at articulating what’s important to them. They work hard and get the tasks done, but they do it in a much smarter and more balanced way to avoid overwhelm and burnout.”

To sign up for the next session of The Huddle, taking place on Wednesday, September 13, click here. Please note: All sessions are recorded and posted on For more information, visit

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