Column: Local Workforce To Boost Economy

September 11, 2023 | 3 Comments

Leslie Robinson PLP Bermuda July 2023[Opinion column written by PLP Senator Leslie Robinson]

The Progressive Labour Party [PLP] Government continues to invest in the local workforce to boost the economy, as itis keen to create an environment where Bermudians can flourish in the workforce. Recent economic data confirms that Bermuda’s economy is growing, leading to an expansion of jobs available for Bermudians.

The recently released 2022 Labour Force Survey highlights that Bermudian employment is up, Bermudian unemployment is down and more of our young Bermudians are now working. While that news of job growth is positive, this Government will continue its tireless efforts to ensure that Bermudians are adequately prepared for the current and future world of work. This commitment is reflected in the significant increase in government scholarships awarded to Bermudians.

Strategic priority five of the Economic Development Strategy is investing in People. One of the key strategic initiatives of the plan is to execute the National Workforce Development Strategy. This Strategy will lay the foundation for a 21st-century workforce development system that will ensure Bermudians are prepared for and able to identify employment opportunities.

We are also committed to executing the Youth Employment Strategy. This Strategy will continue to leverage existing mechanisms to prepare young Bermudians for successful careers and gainful employment.

In addition, we will execute Personal Employment Plans. These plans will identify barriers to employment, skills and career assessment needs, and create plans to guide clients toward self-sustainability.

Your Government is also creating a National Certification and Apprenticeship Board. This Board will focus on administering national certification, developing much-needed skills in trade, and increasing promotion and advocacy for apprenticeship schemes that benefit Bermudians.

The PLP Government’s investment in the local workforce is a positive step towards boosting the economy. By creating an environment where Bermudians can flourish in the workforce, this government is ensuring that Bermuda has a strong foundation for future growth. Focusing on workforce development will ensure that Bermudians are equipped with the necessary tools required to remain competitive.

Promises Made; Promises Kept

- Senator Leslie Robinson – Junior Minister of Economy & Labour and Public Works

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  1. watching says:

    Having this well-respected woman on the PLP team is wonderful. Both personally and professionally she brings so much to the table. I really hope she ascends to higher heights politically over the next few years.

    • wondering says:

      No offense intended, but well respected in which circles.

      The question is more about the circle than the respect so dont get it twisted.

  2. trufth says:

    So you’re saying all is well and good?? No need to bring in 8000 workers to increase the tax base and pay into our pension fund?

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