New OBA Senate Leader & Senator Announced

September 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

Opposition Leader Jarion Richardson has appointed Senator Robin Tucker as the new Opposition Senate Leader and has recommended to the Governor that Dwayne Robinson be appointed to replace C8 bye-election candidate Ben Smith in the Senate.

Mr Richardson said, “Robin is simultaneously kind and generous, and tough and honest. She demonstrates that competence does not have to be accompanied by arrogance. She demonstrates that integrity doesn’t have to be accompanied by bragging. She demonstrates that strength does not have to be accompanied by fear of being questioned. Robin personifies the phrase, ‘Still waters run deep’. Her commitment to Bermuda is beyond reproach. She is entirely committed to outcomes over busy work. She measures twice, and cuts once. And I have rarely seen such precision of thought and action.”

“Dwayne has consistently fought for the values of the party. Despite setbacks, he always stands back up, brushes the dust off, and continues the fight. His ongoing work strengthens our communities, his forthrightness and clarity of intent enforces integrity in politics and his willingness to pursue the best interest of the vulnerable demonstrate his commitment to social fairness. He has consistently pointed out that the country’s financial management does not promote or enhance our communities.

“In my work with Dwayne, I have found him to be a breath of fresh air. There’s a lot of reasons to be negative, to say ‘no’, to avoid bold action and decisions. And he brushes off such safety to bring about a Bermuda worthy of the dedication and hope of earlier generations.”

He continues: “With Robin and Dwayne in Parliament, we will continue our mission to bring about a prosperous Bermuda with ample economic opportunities, accessible healthcare, a world-class education and a safe and strong community in a healthy and sustainable environment.

“Robin and Dwayne will continue the mission of the One Bermuda Alliance – a grouping of people who are each and individually, strong enough to stand alone.”

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