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[Updated] The Registrar for the Courts of Bermuda, the Transport Control Department, and the Department of Immigration have released updates today [Sept 26] following the cyber attack that occurred on September 21.

Update from the Registrar for the Courts of Bermuda

A Government spokesperson said, “The following notice is issued on behalf of the Registrar for the Courts of Bermuda.

  •  The Courts still do not have computer or telephone access since the cyberattack on 21 September 2023. Please find below a summary of key information as it relates to the Courts:
  • The Civil/Commercial Courts and the Registry located in GAB are closed due to building issues. All filings for Supreme Court Civil/Commercial should be made at the Supreme Court Registry located on the 3rd Floor of the DLBE Building.
  • Parties will be contacted for matters which are listed this week in the Civil/Commercial Courts of location changes and/or possible delisting due to no court rooms being available.
  • Alternative Telephone Numbers: Supreme Court: 525-1350 – DLBE Reception 599-6800 – Supreme Court Criminal matters only.
  • Filings and processing of all Magistrates’ Court matters are proceeding as usual, albeit there may be some delays.
  • Hard copies of applications in the Magistrates’ Court are still available as usual.
  • All Magistrates’ Court cases are proceeding as normal. All parties are still required to appear in court. There are limited circumstances where Magistrates’ Court cases cannot proceed. Unless the persons who are a party to a case are contacted by the Courts to advise otherwise persons are still required to appear in Court. Missed court appearances will have the usual consequences of orders being made in the party’s absence and/or warrants issued for arrest.
  • Supreme Court Cases are proceeding as usual unless parties are notified otherwise. Alternative options are being considered in relation to hearing matters which can only be heard remotely.
  • All parties to Civil/Commercial, Criminal, Family/Matrimonial cases are expected to appear unless contacted by the Court to advise otherwise. Missed court appearances will have the usual consequences of orders being made in the party’s absence and/or warrants issued for arrest.
  • Limited hard copies of applications are available at the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal Registries.
  • Cashiers are still processing payments manually by cash, cheque or bank draft.
  • Warrants can be processed on a limited basis.
  • Searches of the Cause Books and case files can still be conducted with photocopies made of any requested documents [subject to payment of the relevant fees].
  • Supreme Court and Court of Appeal fees can be paid by cash, cheque or bank draft if revenue stamps are not available.
  • Those persons on bail must still comply with all bail conditions which will not be changed unless an application is made to the Court [Magistrates’ or Supreme Court] to vary the conditions.
  • Bailiffs will continue to serve documents.

“Lawyers and members of the public will be contacted by telephone to collect processed documents from respective Court Registries.

“Options for alternative email addresses are being considered. Attorneys and members of the public will be informed as soon as these alternatives have been put in place.”

Update from the Transport Control Department

A Government spokesperson said, “The following is an update on services from the Transport Control Department:

  • TCD can now process credit and debit card payments on-site at TCD headquarters on North Street, Hamilton. Selected transactions are still being manually processed and may require more time than usual.
  • We advise only customers with urgent transactions -taxis and other vehicles that expire soon – to go to TCD in person.
  • Customers are encouraged to use www. to relicense their private vehicles.
  • Driving and riding exams are still being conducted at North Street.
  • Vehicles are being examined at all three TCD locations.

“Currently, TCD transactions involving printing licences and other cards cannot be processed.”

Update from the Department of Immigration

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Immigration [DOI] is pleased to provide an update on services.

“DOI can advise that there have been no issues around work permit holders arriving without proof of a work permit. However, work permit holders who arrive without evidence of a work permit will be allowed to land for one day, and their employer is advised to contact the Chief Immigration Officer or Assistant Chief Immigration Officer.

“DOI can advise that business visitors can enter Bermuda for stays of up to 21 days, and tourist visitors can enter for stays of up to 180 days, provided they have proof of a return ticket. Visa requirements have not been an issue.

“Also, instead of visitors submitting extensions via email, individuals seeking extensions must attend the airport. Please note that the DOI is working on providing a solution for processing these payments.

“Work from Bermuda Applications: DOI cannot process them as they are solely online-based.

“Economic Investment Residential Certificate [EIRC] Applications: DOI cannot process EIRC applications at this time.

“DropBox: For all other applications, i.e. work permits, Bermudian status, etc., DOI will accept and store them until they are back online.

“Emergency Passport [Medical Only] Applications: DOI cannot process emergency passport [medical only] applications and continues working with internal and external partners to identify a solution.

“Passports Received from the UK: For BOTC [Bermuda] passports delivered to Immigration on or before September 20, 2023, once ready for issuance, applicants will be contacted and advised to collect their passports. For passports received from HMPO and ready to be issued, applicants will also be contacted and advised to collect.

“The DOI is also happy to advise that as of today, work permit applications that have been printed and other documents that can be mailed have been sent to the General Post Office.

“All inquiries related to the Department of Immigration can be made to Dr. Danette Ming, Chief Immigration Officer, at 704-1444 or Ms. Marita Grimes, Assistant Chief Immigration Officer, at 705-1393.”

Update 3.45pm: Update on various services

In continuation of our previous communication regarding government services impacted by the recent cyber incident, here is today’s update.

The Government email system and switchboard remain out of service.

The Department of Labour

· Labour Relations Officer’s (“LRO”) have cell phone access. Office phones were operational this afternoon.

· Clients may contact the office using the following numbers:

o 297-7716 – Office number

o 707-5437 – LRO

o 707-0673 – LRO

o 707-5444 – LRO/Tribunal Administrator

o 707-1593 – Manager

o The office is open for walk-ins and queries via phone.

o Investigations are proceeding.

o Tribunals are proceeding this week.

The Department of Workforce Development

Bermuda Job Board is not operational at this time. The Department is able to provide service for walk-in clients as well as those with appointments. In-person classes will continue this week with an amended schedule. All DWD phone services are working. Contact them on 297-7714.

Registry General

· The Department is now accepting orders for birth. The provision of death and marriage certificates are by cash and check only.

· The Department is accepting applications for marriage licenses.

· Payment is by cash or check only.

The Department of Energy

Temporary email: To call the Department use 533-0555.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

· For emergency animal control enquirer please use 2950011 to contact the warden on duty. For all other animal related matters please use email

· For all enquirers for the Plant Protection Lab please use email or phone 7990466.

· To contact the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo as well as enquires related to marine conservation, terrestrial conservation, marine heritage, biodiversity and department administration please contact 293-2727.

· For pollution control enquires please use email

The Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS)

· Please call 335-9095 for 24hr reporting of new child abuse referrals.

· For all administrative matters or generally queries contact 332-0091.

The Department of Public Transportation

· DPT Services are all available and customer service and information is available on and 295-3851.

· Assistance with items lost on a bus or DPT facility is available in person at Central Terminal and at 292 3851.

Legal Aid

Temporary contact number is 705-1083.

Public Works

· Ministry front desk 5013065

· Parks enquiries 5332337

· Water enquiries 5013106

· Solid waste enquiries 5013096

· Tynes Bay enquiries 5013200

· Highways enquiries 5013044

Government cashier services are currently located on the ground floor of the General Post Office building.

Update 4.10pm: The Office of the Registrar of Companies Update

The Office of the Registrar of Companies (“RoC”) advises all stakeholders of the contingency plan that has been temporarily implemented until such time as the government network services are restored.

Email Correspondences

Please note that all email addresses are down. Alternative email addresses are provided below. Please ensure the subject line of all correspondences includes the entity name and registration number, and any reference code previously supplied to the RoC for economic substance submissions.

Contact Numbers

Please be advised that the phone lines below will be active with effect from Wednesday, 27 September 2023.

RoC Online Portal

The RoC online portal is fully operational to submit applications and conduct basic online searches.

Contact Details by Section

114B/129A Licences & Real Estate Licences
+1 (441) 707-5932

If you submitted real estate licence applications since 11 September 2023, we request that you resubmit your application with all supporting documents and proof of payment to the temporary mailbox at

Insolvency & Liquidations
+1 (441) 707-5941

If you are submitting an application for a dissolution certificate OR if you have previously applied for dissolution for which a certificate has not yet been issued, please ensure you send all related email correspondences of previous MVL filings (including declarations of solvency, notice of appointment, final general meeting, and all relevant gazetted advertisements, etc.), including proof of payment of the MVL filing fees as well as the related email receipts issued by our ROC Revenue team in that regard. The provision of adequate information ensures that your application will be reviewed by our Liquidations team thoroughly and in a timely manner.

General Inquiries & Registration
+1 (441) 707-8142

Registration and licence applications, as well as, searches can still be submitted in the ordinary course. Payments can also be made online via top-up account or by credit card. Please note that the RoC is unable to confirm new online top-up accounts at this time and will advise when this has been remedied.

+1 (441) 707-8143

+1 (441) 707-8144

For urgent matters concerning the RoC Compliance Team‘s Economic Substance and Corporate Governance monitoring exercises; please send all correspondence to the temporary mailbox at

The secure Economic Substance portal continues to be available for submitting declarations during this time. Further notices will be issued as access is fully restored.

Regulatory, Enforcement and Policy
+1 (441) 707-8145

For any correspondence in respect of enforcement actions, please contact us at the temporary mailbox at

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