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Origin stands as the culmination of three local enterprises — Central Filing, Guardian, and Vault — who have converged their expertise to establish Bermuda’s foremost record management and storage solutions business.

A spokesperson said, “This collaboration springs from a shared commitment to offer businesses and households a wide portfolio of services with one common aim: to care for your data, privacy, and the environment.

“One of our core services is secure document management and storage. As such, it was a natural progression for us to innovate and develop Bermuda’s only secure document destruction and recycling service. However, as global paper consumption declined by 30% between 2010 and 2020, we needed to shift our focus. We developed a new service— ITAD+R [IT Asset Disposition & Recycling]. This pivot was grounded in our knowledge and experience, fortified by a commitment to securely destroy information and data, and to remove end-of-life IT assets from traditional waste streams to an environmentally sustainable solution.

“Origin’s diverse clientele, comprising both corporate entities and individuals, often turn to us out of sheer necessity. Faced with obsolete computers and laptops, outdated printers, discarded hard drives, and surplus cabling, they seek a remedy for their mounting tech clutter — objects that hold valuable data yet occupy precious space. Driven by awareness of confidentiality and environmental concerns, these clients find reassurance in Origin.

“We’ve earned our reputation by building strong industry relationships and proudly differentiate ourselves with a partnership with a licensed R2 Certified Facility. Beyond its unassuming label, this certification underscores our commitment to executing ITAD+R with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

“But when it comes down to it, data security is, and will always be our principal focus. Employing cutting-edge equipment such as a Garner degausser, HD150 Hard Drive and Allegheny shredders, we assure the irrevocable destruction of your hard drives. No mere assertion, we supply our clients with a Certificate of Destruction —a stamp of our secure e-waste obliteration.

“More recently, corporate clients are placing ESG considerations atop their priorities. At Origin, our secure handling of your e-waste translates to responsible recycling. Our actions speak volumes: Since 2016, we’ve handled more than 120,000 pounds of electronic and IT waste. Since 2021 alone, we’ve exported nearly 50,000 pounds of end-of-life IT and electronic devices. Just as data destruction adheres to meticulous protocols, recycling does the same. We segregate items into categories: Eligible for Data Destruction, Eligible for Recycling, or Non-Recyclables. This methodology guarantees secure data destruction and facilitates precious metal recovery through meticulous e-waste recycling.

“While the subject of ITAD+R might not excite everyone, its importance is undeniable. Origin takes pride in aiding Bermuda’s residents and the environment by securely and sustainably disposing of e-waste. Discover more about this indispensable service at origin.bm/itad+r/ and witness how clearing your living and working spaces of end-of-life IT, can eliminate the risk of your data falling into unwanted hands, and need not come at the cost of our planet.”

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