Gathering For Peace Held At Anglican Cathedral

October 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

[Updated] A ‘Gathering for Peace’ event was held yesterday [Oct 25] at the Anglican Cathedral on Church Street in response to the Israel/Palestine crisis.

A spokesperson previously said, “This in the face of the Israel/Palestine crisis that began on October 7th with the tragic attack in Israel by Hamas, which has resulted in responses that has led to countless civilian deaths since that time; 2,000 of these being children.

Gathering For Peace Bermuda October 25 2023

“The spirit of this gathering is to create an open and welcoming space in which we are called upon to reflect and reinforce the reality of our common humanity alongside the Israeli and Palestinians peoples and to lament and to pray for all who have been caught up in this cycle of conflict there and around the world, with the hope of peace, justice and a renewed future.

“We welcome local residents of any and all backgrounds and faiths to join this Gathering for Peace amidst all the clamour and fear of this time and to experience our unity in lament for all involved in this period of crisis in that part of the world and its implications for who share the planet. Please come for a quiet and reflective moment, side by side with all those who share in this collective concern.”

Update 7.40pm: A spokesperson said, “The ‘Gathering for Peace’ was opened at the Anglican Cathedral, yesterday, by Bishop Nicholas Dill. The Prelate of the Island’s Anglican community welcomed those attending – about 50 residents including the Governor – Rena Lalgie – Progressive Labour Party MP – Jamahl Simmons; representatives of local Faith Communities and some 15 teens from various schools; participants in the ‘Students in Leadership Conference’ -jointly organized by CURB and BHS.

“Bishop Dill went on to point out that the Gathering was an opportunity to reflect on the terrible tragedy of the latest chapter of the Israel/Palestine saga; but noted that in the midst of darkness, there is always an opportunity to ‘hold up the light’. Candles were supplied to all in attendance, and the flame was quietly shared.

“The Prelate went on to explain that the Gathering would have three segments of reflection. The first theme, was for the Gathering to mindfully ‘Lament’ – reflect in mourning the several thousand lives already lost, and continued to be lost in Gaza. This included in Israel – 1,400 men, women and children – and Gaza – already 6,000 killed -and the death-toll rising – 2,500 being children. This lament relied on a responsive reading from a recent presentation by Archbishop Justin Welby – the Archbishop of Canterbury. The period of lamentation was concluded with a reading from a Psalm.

“After a period of quiet reflection; the Gathering’s program shifted to address ‘Peace’. This was begun with an appropriate reading by Meryl Martin – a member of the local Baha’i Community. Following a brief period of reflection, those gathered heard a reading by Ameenah El-Amin Steede – a member of the local Islamic Community. After a brief period of quiet reflection, Bishop Dill led the Gathering in a responsive reading on the theme of ‘Peace’.

“On the theme of ‘Hope’ Glenn Fubler – who was a co-organizer of the Gathering – offered his personal reflection on that theme. He noted that while that while currently – globally – we are facing the darkest period in many decades; he reminded us that it is ‘darkest, just before the dawn’. Glenn went share what gives him the most hope in the circumstances – are the actions of many young people. He welcomed the teenagers attending the gathering; noting that the theme of their Conference – “ Building Bridges” – was most appropriate for the circumstances involving the Israel/Palestine tragedy.

“Glenn concluded his brief presentation, highlighting the thousands of young Jews who demonstrated last week at the U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C. – protesting the U.S. Government’s refusal to support an immediate cease fire which would end the untold additions to the 2,000 children already killed by wildly unprecedented Israeli bombardment. He offered kudos to the 300 young Jewish-Americans who were arrested for the sake of the lives and welfare of ‘others’.

“Bishop Dill concluded the afternoon with readings and prayers pertaining to ‘Hope’. The Gathering was closed as attendees place their -still lit – candles in a special sand-box to retain the flames for a while; this was followed by greeting each other in the spirit of ‘Peace’.”

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