‘Disheartened By This Act Of Desecration’

December 18, 2023 | 19 Comments

After ‘Free Palestine’ was spray-painted on the Israeli flag at the Jewish Community Centre, the President of the Board of the Jewish Community said they are “extremely disheartened by this act of desecration.”

A spokesperson said, “A serious incident of vandalism occurred outside the Jewish Community Centre on Saturday, December 16th, involving the defacement of an Israeli flag. The flag, displayed along with yellow ribbons as a symbol of solidarity with the Israeli hostages taken on October 7th and a heartfelt expression of support for innocent people in Israel and Gaza who are facing unimaginable circumstances, was found with “Free Palestine” spray-painted across it. Authorities were notified immediately upon discovery, and an investigation has been initiated to identify the individual[s] responsible for this act of vandalism.”

Fiona Elkinson, President of the Board of the Jewish Community, expressed her distress regarding the incident: “We are extremely disheartened by this act of desecration. The flag is a symbol of our identity, unity and solidarity, and to see it defaced in this manner is deeply upsetting.

“The Jewish Community Centre has been an important place where our close-knit community and those impacted by October 7th and the ongoing conflict can safely congregate to find solace, support, and to collectively mourn. The Centre has always been a beacon of peace and unity in Bermuda, a place where we have felt unquestionably safe and supported. We are offering our full cooperation to the authorities in their investigation.”

Jewish Community Centre Israeli Flag Vandalism Bermuda December 2023_1_2

Jewish Community Centre Israeli Flag Vandalism Bermuda December 2023_2_2

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  1. Steven says:

    How is it a show of support for innocents in Israel AND Gaza. I dont see them displaying a Palestinian flag!

    • Truth says:

      They already marched for the Hamas terrorists….put up your own flag if you want everyone to know your true colours.

    • LOL says:

      There are no innocents in gaza, they’re terrorists, and you’re a supporter.

  2. This is awful says:

    No defense for this and notice no response. Cameras are there and I hope the person(s) are caught.

  3. Free Palestine says:

    Solidarity with Isnotreal and Gaza?? I don’t see a Palestine flag. Isnotreal has killed over 20,000 since Oct 7, even killing some of the hostages, journalists, refugee camps, international aid workers, and so many more. Educate yourselves, don’t fall for western media propaganda. This is genocide, not war.

    • Truth says:

      Palestine is a terrorist state. They started a war, took hostages, and now they’re crying because they’re being (rightly) slapped for it.

      You terrorist supporters are disgusting.

      • Speak the Actual Truth says:

        First of all Palestine is NOT a terrorist state. How dare you in 2023 with all of the actual footage and access to the truth, with countless accounts and examples from journalists, Palestinians, visitors, tourists, even ex. settlers and Jewish ppl who follow Judaism all over the world who also denounce the occupation and genocide.

        If ppl came to Bermuda and tried to put us under occupation, take our land and freedom – then Bermudians are terrorists for fighting back?? No way! – we better fight back. Palestine has been under occupation – with basic human rights taken away, daily attacks, destruction and murders committed by IDF and settlers for over 75 years – they did not start a war.

        • question says:

          Hamas is the government of Gaza, elected by its people, and Hamas is a proscribed terrorist organisation. There is no grey area.

          • Question answered. says:

            Israel are a terrorist state clear and simple. No denying their war crimes anymore. Supported and funded by the U.S. There would be no need for Hamas’s response if the Palestinians were left to live their lives without interference. The rhetoric of Hamas being a terrorist organization is propaganda and an excuse for Israel to further commit their war crimes. Resistance of and occupied country is not terrorism.

            • question says:

              Ignoring October 7 then. Hamas are vile terrorists.

            • Truth says:

              Hamas openly states that it is their mission to eradicate the planet of Jews.
              That’s called genocide, to those of you who refuse to recognize it, due to your racism and anti Semitism.

            • Speak the Actual Truth says:

              How dare you.
              Palestine is a terrorist state, as mentioned.
              You’re incorrect, you must have a terrorist agenda.

        • Truth says:

          LOL…pathetic, you know nothing of the truth.

          Your Pals are terrorists, they started this and took hostages.
          In you’re world, if someone took your family members hostage, you just say they were collateral damage, right?
          You’re dishonest, your support terrorists.
          That’s disgusting.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          “murders committed by IDF and settlers for over 75 years – they did not start a war.”

          Got it. You do not recognise the Kingdom of Israel that existed 3,000 years ago or any form of Israel that existed at any time up until 1948. According to your analysis, Israel was created out of nothing in 1948.

          On your analysis, Palestine does not exist and never has.

    • DB says:

      Why should anyone believe your terrorist agenda.
      Pathetic. You start a war and then whine when you get beaten.
      You’re Pals are weak cowards.

  4. Clarity says:

    Jesus was a Jew.

    .come on people Churches unite this is Blaspheme …????

  5. All roads lead to God this is an infidel or a heathan done did this here.At Christmas you do this You may not realise it but each relirion has it’s similarities and Jesus is in quite a prolific few of them , different languages same dude.So if youdeface one…you deface all.

    • Real Deal says:

      all roads do indeed lead to God however only one path is direct and all others will take longer as they are detours. all religions are the same and i am the second coming of the one some call the Jesus Christ the Lion of Judah however i don’t care if one deface idols because they are apart of the path that dose not lead you direct to God. i am a male humanoid lifeform that has developed from a son of man to become a Sun of God as all of God’s creations shall do

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