Govt Unveils New Rooming House In Sandys

October 9, 2023 | 1 Comment

As part of their effort to provide affordable housing, the Government/BHC has completed the renovation of a building on Beacon Hill Road in Sandys, and BHC’s Support Services Department have identified five clients – who are working – to live in the rooming house, and rents for the shared accommodation will include electricity, water, and landscaping.

Speaking at a press conference, Minister David Burch said, “Good morning and thank you for joining us. I am pleased to be joined by the Honourable Tinee Furbert, JP, MP – Minister of Social Development & Seniors, the Chairman of the Bermuda Housing Corporation, MP Chris Famous, members of the Board and staff of the Corporation.

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“In continuing our promise to provide affordable housing for Bermudians, the Bermuda Government is delivering once again, through the Bermuda Housing Corporation’s Capital budget Programme the development that you witness here today – officially known as 27 Beacon Hill Road, Sandys. These funds were provided to Bermuda Housing Corporation to remodel this Grade 3 Listed Building.

“The project was awarded to Vision Construction owned by [Mr. Terron Thompson] and the work commenced in November 2022. The allocated budget for the works is $419,863.00. The project was carried out in three phases [Demolition & Discovery/Interior Renovations/Exterior Renovations] by Mr. Thompson; Electrical was completed by Victor Thompson Electrical [A local small businessman] and plumbing by Burrows Plumbing a well-established local plumbing company. The budget is over by $60,000 as a result of the roof needing to be replaced which was not anticipated when it was put out to tender.

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“The retaining wall was constructed under a separate contract in 2021 due to the urgency to reinstate the collapsed boundary wall and to avoid any health and safety risk on site or to the neighbours’ property.

“The extent of the works carried out included interior demolition. Upon its commencement significant rot and structural issues were discovered that required further engineering. Westbrook Engineering were commissioned to provide all structural specifications to provide additional structural support where needed. This original two-story, 3 Bedroom/ Studio, Grade III listed building has now been redesigned with a central kitchen and living room with 1 bedroom on the lower floor and the 4 remaining – bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms on the upper floor.

“In addition, a small bike layby has been constructed for safety. Local companies were sourced for tiling, cabinetry, and flooring, along with appliances. Furnishings have been repurposed from other BHC units to make the rooms uniform.

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“I thank all the contractors who worked on this project and we shall soon see their fine handiwork.

“This Government recognizes that housing is a key social factor and being adequately house is connected to so much more, such as education and other key social outcomes, that contribute to the wider well-being in our community.

“To this end, BHC’s Support Services Department have identified five clients – who are working – to live in the rooming house under a licence agreement. Rents assessed for this shared accommodation will include electricity, water, and landscaping. The property will be managed and inspected monthly by Support Services Department inspectors and case workers to maintain a healthy rooming house environment.

“Last week in my statement in the House I indicated that this rooming house would be for women however, staff at the Corporation have reviewed the demand for housing and decided that the greater need is for a male rooming house at this time.

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“Assistant Project Manager E. Blake Lambert’s presentation to the BHC Board of Directors of both conceptual and construction drawings for their consideration and subsequent approval has been realized for the preferred design of the property and he must be commended for his exceptional work overseeing this project with endurance and commitment.

“The work of refurbishing BHC properties continues apace and I expect further occasions such as this as we progress through the remainder of this year and into 2024. I now invite Minister Furbert and the Chairman MP Famous to cut the ribbon declaring this new facility open. Thank You.”

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