Camilo Villegas Wins Butterfield Championship

November 12, 2023 | 0 Comments

Camilo Villegas won the 2023 Butterfield Bermuda Championship today [Nov 12] with the golfer saying the victory “feels unbelievable.”

In an interview after his victory, the Colombian golfer said “I’ve got my little one up there watching it, smiling,” paying tribute to his late daughter Mia, who died of brain cancer in 2020 at only 22 months old.

Camilo Villegas Bermuda Nov 12 2023

A spokesperson said, “Congratulations to Camilo Villegas, the 2023 Butterfield Bermuda Championship winner. He claims a $1.17 million and 500 FedExCup points. He tied the tournament record for lowest score at -24, 260, set by inaugural ahampion Brendon Todd.”

Speaking after his victory, Camilo Villegas said, “It feels unbelievable. Nine years, nine years where you kind of stop believing at times, but I never stopped waking up early and putting in the work.

“Life is interesting, it goes up and down both on the personal side and on the professional side. Just got to keep a path and you’ve got to keep your mind where it needs to be. Like I said, I’m a hard worker, I love working, I love having a purpose every morning and that’s kind of what I did.

“At the beginning of the year things were not going great, it was time to do a little swing change. I’ve never been too excited about big swing changes, but I trusted the guy I started working with, Jose Campra and he told me he needed a year. I’m glad it took less than that, here we are.

“I was signing up for second stage of Q-School next week after a tough year. With my play last week finishing second in Mexico, I didn’t have to play second stage, but I was probably going to go play finals and here we are, fifth win on Tour.

“How do you say it, I’m just proud of myself. I’m proud of myself and everybody that’s supports Team Villegas.”

The 2023 BBC Final Standings follows below [PDF here]:

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