Clarien Launches Annual GiveBack Campaign

November 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

Clarien Bank initiated its 17th Annual Holiday GiveBack Campaign, urging clients, employees, and the community to contribute to the local  charity Meals on Wheels by making donations.

A spokesperson said, “Today, Clarien Bank launched the 17th Annual Holiday GiveBack Campaign to serve up support for local feeding charity Meals on Wheels. Clients, employees and the entire community are encouraged to spread more joy this holiday season by making donations, beginning today through December 31, 2023.

“Since 2010, Clarien Bank’s Holiday GiveBack campaign has raised more than $120,000 for Meals on Wheels, an organisation that delivers hundreds of freshly-cooked, nourishing lunches four times a week across Bermuda. The organisation provides support to our neighbours who are unable to prepare a proper meal for themselves, such as the sick, elderly and disabled. Meals on Wheels’ home delivery service also provides a reassuring daytime check in for recipients.

How to Donate

There are 3 easy ways to give – here’s how:

1. Give Online: You can transfer funds online via Clarien iBank at to the Holiday GiveBack account.

  • Log in to Clarien iBank at
  • Select Transfers and Payments
  • Select Payment Type > Bill Payments
  • In the Biller drop down menu, select Holiday Giving Back
  • Enter the Amount you wish to donate
  • Enter Charity Name [Meals on Wheels]
  • Click Submit
  • Click Confirm

2. Quick Deposit: Use one of the Holiday GiveBack quick deposit envelopes available at our Point House location.

3. Gibbons Charity Day: Thursday, December 21 is Meals on Wheels Charity Day at Gibbons Company. Donate $5 while shopping at Gibbons Company or The Gibbons Home Store and receive 25% off regularly priced merchandise.

Why will you be giving?

“This year, we will share thoughts from our employees and the community on why they plan to give. Videos and comments may be shared in our social channels, or by email to

“All donations for the Clarien Holiday GiveBack Programme must be received by 4pm on Sunday, December 31, 2023. The Clarien Foundation will proudly match all donations up to $10,000 to help Meals on Wheels ‘keep the wheels moving’ in our community.”

Michael DeCouto, Clarien’s EVP, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, commented, “This holiday season, we ask the entire community to spread more joy by donating what you can to the Give Back campaign. As the cost of food continues to increase globally and local community resources are in high demand, your donation will help support the important work of our friends at Meals on Wheels. We truly appreciate the community’s generosity as we collectively support our neighbors during this season of giving.”

In addition to donations, teamwork is an integral part of the Meals on Wheels organisation. Jason Powell, President of Meals on Wheels notes, “Demand for our services increases during the holiday period and the money raised through the GiveBack programme enables us to provide the additional resources required to meet this need. We greatly appreciate the generous support of Clarien Bank and the entire community as we deliver over 240 meals to MOW clients.”

The spokesperson said, “We are also grateful for the volunteer help of Clarien employees at this busy time of year, and for the platform provided by Clarien to raise awareness of the needs of our organisation through this season. On behalf of Meals on Wheels and the people we serve, I’d like to thank Clarien Bank and the entire community for your commitment to helping us provide such a vital service to our neighbours in need.

“For more information, please email or call 296.6969.”

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