Regiment Soldiers Earn Chainsaw Certifications

November 5, 2023 | 2 Comments

Soldiers earned internationally-recognised qualifications as they sharpened skills required in post-hurricane operations.

A spokesperson said, “Members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment worked with UK-based Kingswood Training over two weeks to develop chainsaw maintenance and cutting techniques as well as methods of dealing with windblown trees.

“The cross-Government programme was led by the RBR and included crews from the Ministry of Public Works as well as participants from the Department of Workforce Development. It provided an opportunity to recertify qualified chainsaw operators and to train new operators.”

Steve Cackett, an instructor with tree surgery training provider Kingswood, said: “They learn about health and safety, PPE, risk-assessing; then we move into safety features of the saw and maintenance of individual components.”

Royal Bermuda Regiment Kingswood Training November 2023_2

Fellow Kingswood trainer Matt Moss added: “We talk about how they have been provided with a piece of kit, so they need to know how to spot any defects and take it out of action if needed, because it is quite a dangerous piece of machinery.”

The spokesperson said, “Students received instruction on how to use a chainsaw, including pre-start checks, correct stance and position as well as determining which cutting techniques to use for different types of wood.

“The individual windblown trees training is valuable for soldiers as hurricane relief work – one of the Royal Bermuda Regiment’s key responsibilities – typically involves dealing with trees brought down by a storm, rather than felling trees.

Royal Bermuda Regiment Kingswood Training November 2023_3

“Instructors tailored the tuition to cover challenges found in Bermuda, such as areas of dense undergrowth and Casuarina trees, which can prove tough to tackle.”

Upon completion of assessments, soldiers were City & Guilds certified in chainsaw maintenance, cutting and individual windblown trees competence.

Royal Bermuda Regiment Kingswood Training November 2023_4

Corporal Paul Smith, 40, who has been in the Regiment for over two decades, was already familiar with chainsaw work and appreciated the depth of the recent training.

The steel pan player, of Smith’s, added: “Refreshers always help to keep fresh in our minds the skills and drills we have to use when we encounter different situations, but this definitely made me feel more confident about going out and using a chainsaw.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Some time on YouTube will teach all you need to know, and some, about chain saw handling and maintenance.

    Hate to imagine what Government spent on what could have been had for free.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Young Bermudians, who are presumed to be PLP supporters, got a free trip. Where is the mystery?

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