Statement Backs UNESCO’s Call For Resolution

November 8, 2023 | 1 Comment

A joint statement has been released backing the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s [UNSECO] call for a resolution to remind “parties involved of their obligations under international law” amidst the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The statement says, “We, the undersigned, wish to express our great sympathy for all those many lives lost during the decades-long conflict in Palestine – especially children. This includes the 1,100 civilian Israeli men, women and 14 children killed on October 7, 2023, as well as those Palestinians killed since that date, the 10,000 civilians, which includes 4,000+ children.

“We wish to express our grave concerns regarding the current circumstances in Gaza and its implications – especially for the children, who make up at least half of the population. These 2.2 million souls having been barricaded on that strip of land for 17 years by the Israeli government in conditions which have been described by the former British Prime Minister David Cameron as a huge ‘prison camp.’

“We note that the Executive Director of UNESCO, Catherine Russell, who, during her official briefing of the UN Security Council on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, reported her considerable concern that Israel, in besieging Gaza, is committing grave human rights violations against the youngsters of Gaza, including currently killing an average of 420 children every day. A figure, she said, that should shake us all to our core.

“The UNESCO Executive Director – given the unprecedented circumstances – went on to strenuously request that the representative members of the UN Security Council immediately pass a resolution that reminded the parties involved of their obligations under international law. She also urged them to include:

  • An immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
  • Demand that the parties provide safe and immediate access to humanitarian aid.
  • Insist on an immediate unilateral release of all abducted children.
  • Afford children the special protection for which they are all entitled.

“Those of us who have signed wish to support UNESCO’s call. While we recognize that highly respected legal scholars describe the ongoing brutal collective punishment as a gross violation of international law, we wish to clarify that our support is couched simply in terms of a reverence for all life – regardless of nationality or religion – especially that of defenseless children.

“Those signing personally [not on behalf of any organizations to which they are connected]:

  • Joan Dillas-Wright [President of the Senate]
  • Dante Cooper [General Secretary of the Bermuda Union of Teachers]
  • Wendell Hollis [Barrister]
  • K Randolph Horton [Former Government Minister]
  • Dianna Kemp [Former barrister renowned in the global legal community]
  • Phil Perinchief [Former Attorney General]
  • Alex Scott [Former Premier]
  • Rev Dave Steele [Pastor of Wesley Methodist Church]
  • Rev Jermaine Tucker [Pastor of Christ Church Devonshire]
  • Roy Wright [Former Dean at Bermuda College]


  • African Diaspora Heritage Trail [ADHT]
  • Bermuda is Love
  • Bermuda Islamic Cultural Centre
  • Bermuda Youth Connect
  • Imagine Bermuda
  • Social Justice Bermuda [SJB]
  • Human Rights Commission

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