Warwick Academy Excels In Debate Competition

November 24, 2023 | 7 Comments

Warwick Academy celebrated success in the National Interschool Debate competition, with Team A emerging as overall winners and the school claiming five out of six awards.

A spokesperson said, “Warwick Academy celebrated huge success for both the middle and senior school debate teams over this past weekend’s National Interschool Debate competition.”

“We were proud to enter a full slate of three teams in both divisions, and had many students contribute as timers/moderators as well’” stated teacher Stefanie Sinclair.

The spokesperson said, “There was much success in the Senior Division as well. Team A, consisting of Zackary da Silva, Matthew Banner and Eva O’Connor, made it to the finals undefeated and came away as Overall Winners.

“There were a few more individual speaker categories for senior school, and Warwick Academy won all of those as well! Top speaker in the Impromptu round was Eva O’Connor. Top speaker in the Finals was Matthew Banner. Top speaker in the tournament was Eva O’Connor.

“The school was pleased to have other students involved, Rhys Swift, Nate Snelling, Zoraiz Umer, Ailie Waddington, Zachary Johnson and Gianna Pedro.

“In the middle school division, Team B was made up of Narayan Mangar, Jake Jackson and Zachariah Makhlouf and all made it to the finals and ultimately finished as the runners-up. For the Individual Speaker Awards for Middle School, there was a three-way tie for top speaker of the tournament, all Warwick Academy students: Jake Jackson, Narayan Mangar and Seri Fisher. Warwick was pleased that they had many other Middle School students involved, Denis Daurov, Aidan Herrick, Kylen Richard, Marcus Spencer and Lucas Davis, all of whom performed well and gained experience.

“At the end of the competition Warwick Academy walked away with 5 of the 6 awards.”

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  1. LOL (original) says:

    The academic debate organizations are in a bad state right now. Anyone saw the academic debate where the participants refused the topic and decided to set the topic themselves and they still own the debate. It’s become more about how fast you can talk and much less on the substance of an argument. Hopefully these young people are being taught to critically think and not just spout talking points without understanding.


    • Tucker says:

      LOL…don’t worry about these kids…it’s not a public school, they’ll be fine.
      Worry about your own failures.

      • LOL (original) says:

        You mean your failures, you might want to re-read what I said and if you have an issue with it debate the point.

        LOL golden example right there.

      • Ladeej says:

        Why so insulting regarding public schools? Many public school children have won debates and other academic competitions. Be a part of the solution!

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “the participants refused the topic and decided to set the topic themselves”

      That sounds like a political debate. Don’t respond to the question asked, respond to the question you wanted to be asked.

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