‘Women In Finance’ Event Features Dianne Blais

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Members and invited guests of Bermuda’s 100 Women in Finance network gathered for an event hosted and sponsored by Butterfield, featuring Dianne Blais.

A spokesperson said, “Members and invited guests from Bermuda’s 100 Women in Finance network gathered for a thought-provoking and enlightening event to explore the distinctive financial challenges and opportunities they face in comparison to their male counterparts.

“Hosted and sponsored by Butterfield, the event featured Dianne Blais, VP of Private Banking and Senior Wealth Advisor at Butterfield, who provides valuable insights into financial planning tailored for women.

“Dianne Blais, a seasoned expert in the field of financial planning, guided the attendees through the intricacies of mapping their financial future. She shared her expertise on where investments and savings should be at various stages of life, from the early years to retirement. Attendees gained invaluable knowledge about the unique financial challenges that professional women may encounter during their earning and retirement years.

“Blais said that life expectancy plays a significant role in the financial planning strategy for women. On average, women in Bermuda have a longer life expectancy than men, living to the age of 94 compared to men’s average lifespan of 92. This difference highlights the critical importance of ensuring that one’s financial assets last through their retirement years.

“The event attracted a diverse audience, with women at various stages of their careers, making it an ideal platform for a comprehensive discussion on women’s personal financial management. For example, attendees were informed that the savings required for retirement in their early 20s and 30s significantly differ from those needed in their 40s and 50s. Blais provided an eye-opening revelation that the amount required to live comfortably during retirement is approximately 10 times one’s annual salary, a fact that left many attendees astonished.

Dianne Blais, VP of Private Banking and Senior Wealth Advisor at Butterfield hosts discussion on financial planning with 100 Women in Finance network. Pictured with Alison Morrison, Chair of 100 Women in Finance Bermuda.

100 Women in Finance Bermuda November 2023

“The evening’s discussions also touched on the striking differences in how women approach their finances and investments compared to men, underlining the underutilized potential for women to seek advice from financial planners. The concept of starting an “investment club” was a notable highlight of the event, offering an alternative to the traditional “book club.”

“Attendees left the event with a wealth of knowledge and a better understanding of their financial responsibilities and opportunities. This event proved to be a significant milestone in encouraging women in Bermuda to take control of their financial futures.”

Alison Morrison, Chair of 100 Women in Finance Bermuda, said of the evening, “I want to express my gratitude to Dianne and Butterfield for orchestrating such an outstanding event for our members. It was truly heartening to witness the presence of a diverse audience, encompassing individuals at varying stages of their careers and representing all age groups. Whether embarking on their financial journey towards retirement or nearing that significant milestone, attendees found Dianne’s insights resonated with them.

“Her ability to address the unique needs and challenges of each stage of life, while guiding us on the path to establishing a personalised financial plan, empowered us to take charge of our financial destinies. The importance of seeking the advice and counsel of a financial planner early in one’s career was a key takeaway, underlining the potential for greater financial security as we approach the later stages of our professional lives.”

The spokesperson said, “Following the insightful discussion, attendees had the opportunity to network with their peers over drinks and refreshments – as well as make new connections, which is one of the core tenets of the 100 Women in Bermuda network.

“For more information about future events and initiatives from 100 Women in Finance Bermuda, please visit https://100women.org/.”

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