City Issues Reminder About Parking Passes

December 19, 2023 | 1 Comment

The City of Hamilton said they wish “to remind the public about the benefits of acquiring parking passes for the City’s long-term car parks.”

A spokesperson said, “Parking at Bull’s Head Car Park is the most economical way to park in the City all day with either monthly or annual parking passes available.

“Parking at Bull’s Head costs $1 per hour or a daily rate of $5. The monthly parking pass costs $100 per month or you can purchase an annual pass for $1,100 per year which gives you one month of free parking.

“Many individuals who pay for parking daily at the Bull’s Head Car Park don’t realize that they can purchase monthly or annual passes which end up saving them money and greatly reducing the time spent paying for parking each year.

“Let’s say you work in town and spend five minutes every day paying for parking – finding your ticket, standing in line to pay, and scanning your ticket at the gate – that adds up to 21 and a half hours every year. With the parking pass, there’s no more worrying about lost tickets; you just swipe your City-issued card and go.

“Access per card is for one vehicle only.

“Monthly Parking Permits are also available for other long-term City Car Parks such as Cavendish, Elliott, Par-la-Ville and King Street car parks. Rates vary per car park. It should be noted that there are no public access cards for Number 1, Number 5 and City Hall car parks as these are 3-hour car parks only.

“Parking passes also make great Christmas gifts, so consider giving your loved one the gift of free parking in the coming year!

“For more information or to apply for a parking permit visit the City of Hamilton or call 292-1234.”

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  1. Ted Talk says:

    Just avoid going into the city at all costs…

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