Jemima Bonard & Sadie Hocking Racing Success

December 18, 2023 | 0 Comments

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Junior karting drivers Jemima Bonard and Sadie Hocking are on the fast track to glory after taking racing tips from top local driver Scott Barnes.

Bonard and Hocking, who are both 12, started racing midway through the previous Bermuda Karting Club season, competing in rental karts in the Cadet class.

Since September, the pair, now competing in their own karts, have been under the guidance of Barnes, who has taken a year out of racing locally to focus on his overseas exploits and believes Bonard and Hocking are making swift progress.

“They’re getting a lot faster, and I’m excited to see where they end up,” Barnes, who runs the 9 Lives Racing Club, told Bernews.

“We get down the track as much as possible to do some training drills. They dropped three seconds in one day, which is huge!

Girl karters Bermuda Dec 16 2023

“I’ve always tried to help other drivers. I’m not one to keep driving secrets to myself. It feels good to see them getting much better in such a short time. They have a lot of potential.”

Bonard, who attends Bermuda High School with her close friend Hocking, believes her proficiency behind the wheel is improving and reflected in her speedier lap times.

“I love being in the car; you get to go fast, and it’s so much fun,” Bonard said. “It’s been cool getting taught by Scott. He’s been teaching us techniques to go quicker and become better drivers.

“I’ve been getting much faster laps than last season. It’s made me feel better.”

During her first season, Bonard experienced her first crash, skipping the following race day due to nerves before mustering the courage to return to action.

“I had a crash last season and went over the barrier,” she said. “You must be brave to be a karting driver. I’m building up my confidence.”

Hocking, who, like Bonard, relishes the “thrills and spills” of karting, said she is becoming more confident and comfortable in the driver’s seat this season.

She was also the youngest of the 35 competitors at the Lindo’s Grand Prix in North East Hamilton in April.

“I wasn’t too fast during my first season,” said Hocking, a regular top-three finisher who dreams of becoming a Formula One driver.

“I’ve improved a lot, though. I enjoy the speed and love spending time on the track.”

She would also love more girls to take up karting, adding: “It would be great if more girls were competing. We don’t really hang out with the boys too much!”

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