Duke Soares Memorial Race Day Results

December 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Karting Club hosted the Duke Soares Memorial Race Day.

The Tag Senior Class saw Brian Bulhoes as the overall Trophy winner for the day, Roman Wilkinson was the Tag Junior Class Trophy winner.

In the L206 Senior Class saw Jason North crowned the Trophy winner, while David Barbosa was the L206 Masters Class Trophy winner.

Shannon Caisey was declared the Stock Shifter Class Trophy winner on the day, while Ryan Rebello was the KZ Class Trophy winner, and Tanner Correia was the Cadet Class Trophy winner.

Tag Senior Class

Trophy Winner

  1. Brian Bulhoes
  2. Jason Correia
  3. William Dunkley
  4. Nathan DeCosta
  5. Jehan Durrant
  6. Keyara Signor
  7. Jayden Brimmer

Tag Junior Class

Trophy Winner

  1. Roman Wilkinson
  2. Jonah Moniz
  3. Lucas Flood
  4. Hunter Borland

L206 Senior Class

Trophy Winner

  1. Jason North
  2. Scott Barnes
  3. Marc Tucker
  4. Robert Wheatley
  5. Jesse Moniz
  6. Justin Lindo
  7. Brian Hall
  8. Harry Dunkley
  9. Rian Lindo

L206 Masters Class

Trophy Winner

  1. David Barbosa
  2. Matt Flynn
  3. Richard Walker Talbot
  4. Chris Bonard
  5. Kenneth Harrison
  6. Jeff Sousa

Stock Shifter Class

Trophy Winner

  1. Shannon Caisey
  2. Jason Correia
  3. Cody Sousa-Saints
  4. Jason DeCouto

KZ Class

Trophy Winner

  1. Ryan Rebello
  2. Blake Horseman
  3. Scott Barnes
  4. Stephen Corrado
  5. David Selley
  6. Jayden Brimmer
  7. Philip Correia
  8. Devon Durrant


Trophy Winner

  1. Tanner Correia
  2. Syah Pedro
  3. Ethan Wheatley
  4. Sadie Hocking
  5. Jemima Bonard

The full Duke Soares Memorial Race Day Results [PDF here]:

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