Nine Videos: School Carol-Off At Airport

December 11, 2023 | 2 Comments

[Updated] The ‘Great Christmas Carol-Off’ is taking place at the airport this week — with hundreds of students to take part as schools compete for over $8,000 in prizes to support their music programs — and you can tune in and watch live below.

In an effort to streamline today’s coverage we have added all the videos in advance, and they will ‘go live’ throughout the day, and you can also see the live videos on Bernews Facebook and Twitter/X accounts. As it is an event with hundreds of students involved, the schedule may not run to the very exact minute, so please take the schedule below as a general guideline.

Update | All the streams have concluded and the replays are below.

Schedule For Airport School 'Carol Off' Event - Bernews - Google Chrome 12102023 55848 PM

Saltus Upper Primary Choir

Elliot Primary Choir

Gilbert Institute

Paget Primary Show Choir

Victor Scott Girls Choir

Arijahknow Live Wires & Desta Zion

Harrington Sound Primary School Choir Club

Harrington Sound Choir Director Kim Simmons

Northlands Primary Choir

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  1. debra tucker says:

    Merry Christmas to all the children May your holidays be filled with cheer, love, kindness, lots of gifts and most importantly be thankful for your blessing.

  2. Clarity says:

    That’s always a good idea…they did this in my day , the competition is good spirited your family is all there …community .

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