Burglary At FoodHub In Somerset

January 11, 2024 | 6 Comments

The Food Hub branch in Somerset Branch was broken into, marking the third incident suffered by the food chain in recent weeks.

Police Statement

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service can confirm it has received a report of a burglary at the FoodHub in Somerset. The matter is currently under investigation and anyone with any information is asked to contact the Criminal Investigations Unit on247-1744

“You may also speak with a police officer you know, call the main police number, 295-0011 or, provide the information via the community reporting portal at, https://portal.police.bm/.”

Marico Thomas Statement

Mr Thomas said that yesterday FoodHub Somerset near St James Church “experienced a break-in by three individuals armed with crowbars and tools. They entered, searched for valuables, and quickly made their escape via multiple vehicles. Our gratitude extends to the swift response of the Police Officers, narrowly missing the culprits.

“We are also grateful to our dedicated staff and managers reinforcing our safety protocols. It’s important that we re-emphasize, 1] our drivers carry minimal cash, and 2] the store does not retain money.

“This situation is disturbing. Robbery at any time by any one is unpleasant. To have 3 persons, all in dark clothing, with heavy tools visit you at 4 am could be terrifying.

FoodHub Somerset Break-In Bermuda January 2024

“Is this a sign of the season, a sign of hard times, or is it something else?

  • Yes – pre and post Christmas financial stress occurs every year.
  • Yes – substantial drug seizures have been made.

“But unemployment numbers are reported to be down, and down substantially. And I am aware of employers who say they cannot find people to work – even in unskilled jobs.

“What else are we hearing? Speculation ranges from inside jobs to targeted attacks. Regardless, or perhaps despite this, our primary focus will remain to be safety, security, comfort, and style.

“It probably goes without saying that we do not appreciate the cost of damage repair and it is not a matter of insurance cover. Beyond the cost is the aggravation and the distraction. Beyond the distraction is the negative social and consumer impact.

“We should not get to the point of having to place bars on doors and windows. In colonial-themed St George’s, this would be charming. Across Bermuda, this is not.

“What’s the alternative? Don’t know.

  • Guard dogs?
  • Electrified doors?
  • Alarm-triggered water sprinklers with skin-dying, acid-foam?

“How should one go about preserving the island’s charm while ensuring safety?

“I am against metal bars. I am for tourism, economic growth, and prosperity for individuals and companies. However, the recent incidents underscore the need for a heightened approach to security hopefully without compromising the unique character of Bermuda. And it would be great for that to occur before exceeding the limit to a person’s good nature.”

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  1. Please speak up! says:

    Someone has to recognize a these guys. This is downright scary!

    • puzzled says:

      Of course they know whom these people are.
      They are brothers, cousins, nephews and possibly Gang members.

      Now you figure out the rest.

  2. Real Deal says:

    God is the ONLY way aka the only non chaotic solution that Births Order. but the Path to God known in Church is only half of the solution aka the theory foundation half. for the 2nd half in order too Truly comprehend God manifesting Gods works in our works on Earth Barefoot Movement and Logical Reasoning is Required by All males in Bermuda. the Earth is waiting for us lets stop playing around and get this done.
    with this All will become Morally sound the Weak will become Stronger the Strong will become Smarter
    - Thoth of Atlantis the Lion of Judah the Jesus Christ

  3. Real One says:

    Haha keep lying thats why yall getting robbed.

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    “We should not get to the point of having to place bars on doors and windows”

    I agree, sadly in some parts of Bermuda we have been there for years.

  5. hey says:

    There were 3 people on bikes at 3:30 am recently re a crash, there are 3 people involved in this. Probably a coincidence.

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