Firearm Recovered In Sandys Parish

May 28, 2024 | 4 Comments

Police recovered a firearm after they “observed persons flee on foot after seeing police” in Sandys.

A police spokesperson said, “At 11:10pm on Thursday 23rd May 2024, officers were on patrol in the area of Cambridge Road, Sandys Parish when they observed persons flee on foot after seeing police.

“The officers made a search of the general area, resulting in the recovery of a firearm. The weapon is being forensically processed and test fired to establish if it is operational.

“The men made good their escape out of the area.

“The Serious Crime Unit are continuing investigations into this firearm recovery.”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    So as of press time, there is no confirmed connection between those persons who ran and the firearm.

    Obviously, the men who ran away were in great shape. There is no mention that the police chased the men on foot or by car. So why would someone immediately toss the firearm? Just wondering given the high value of an illegal firearm in Bermuda.

  2. Toodle-oo says:

    Hopefully the forensic testing will also include whether it’s connected to any other shootings through slug analysis .

    • Hilarious! says:

      Based on the forensic analysis, BPS will get an idea about how many crimes the firearm has been used in and theorize how many times the weapon has been rented out.

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