Triple Wins For Equestrians In CEA Challenges

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The Overall Regional and Mini Caribbean Equestrian Association’s Dressage Challenge results have been tallied and recently announced, with Bermuda making an excellent showing to claim multiple wins.

A spokesperson said, “Once again, the annual Regional & Mini Challenges came to very successful conclusions for Bermuda competitors who can now boast of securing overall winnings as well as individual top scores.

CEA Regional Dressage Challenge

“In the Regional Division, Bermuda’s Children Team as well as Bermuda’s Adult Team secured top placings against Cayman Islands as well as Trinidad and Tobago.

FEI Judge Cesar Torrente, Alejandra Tafur riding Edelweiss, Scarlett Smale riding Lollipop and Georgia Hughes riding Casichacco

CEA REGIONAL Children's team Bermuda Jan 26 2024

“Members of the Bermuda Regional Children’s Team included Georgia Hughes riding Casichacco [71.4%], Alejandra Tafur riding Edelweiss [69%] and Scarlett Smale riding Lollipop [68%]. With a commendable score of 71.4% in the Training Level Test 3, junior rider Georgia Hughes was also declared the Children’s High Score for 2023 CEA Regional Dressage Challenge.

“Members of the 2023 Bermuda Adult Regional Team were Angela Halloran Smith riding Evert [73.75%], Nina Wehmeyer riding Game Change [70%] and Kirista Rabain riding Delta’s Roulette [70.6%].

“With a score of 73.75% in Level 1, Bermuda’s National Coach, Angela Halloran Smith achieved the Adult High Score for the 2023 CEA Regional Dressage Challenge.

“Having achieved a score of 74.028% in the Level 1 Adult Freestyle, Vee McKey was awarded the 2023 Regional Adult Free Style High Score.

CEA Mini Dressage Challenge

“In the CEA Mini Dressage division, our Bermuda Children’s Team secured the overall top placing against competing countries Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad as well as Cayman Islands. The team comprised Charlotte Arthur riding Storm Watch, Logan Flood riding Wild Things Island Adventure and Victoria Smatt riding Paddington Bear.

Logan Flood riding Wild Thing’s Island Adventures, Victoria Smatt riding Paddington Bear and Charlotte Arthur riding Storm Watch

BDA CEA _MINI_ CHILDREN'S TEAM Bermudas Jan 26 2024

“In addition, several of Bermuda’s competitors were successful in claiming first place in their respective individual “Mini” test divisions. This included Charlotte Arthur who achieved 70% in the Introductory B Test, Sophie Greenway with her commendable result of 70.76% in Children’s Training Level Test 1 and Peta White who earned a score of 72.885% in the Training Level 1 division.

“In recognition of their stellar performances and resulting scores, Peta White was also declared the Adult High Scorer of 2023 Mini Dressage Challenge and Junior competitor, Sophie Greenway, was declared the Children’s High Scorer of 2023 Mini Dressage Challenge.

“The Bermuda Equestrian Federation extends its congratulations to all competitors of the CEA Regional and Mini Dressage Challenges.”

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