‘Abandoned Vehicles Found On Parklands’

February 20, 2024 | 3 Comments

The Department of Parks urges the owners of “abandoned vehicles found on Parklands to come forward and claim their impounded property.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Parks, in accordance with the Bermuda National Parks Regulations 1988, announces a public notice urging the owners of abandoned vehicles found on Parklands to come forward and claim their impounded property by the deadline of 8 March 2024.

“The vehicles, described with their license plates below, have been held for 30 days without any claims made and are subject to disposal if not claimed promptly.

“The vehicles held by the Department of Parks include:

  • 51345 Volkswagen
  • 27300 Opel
  • 37660 MG
  • 11530 Opel Station wagon
  • 03877 Opel
  • 07383 Chevrolet

“Repeated attempts to contact the owners through the Transport Control Department have been unsuccessful.

“Therefore, the Department of Parks urges individuals who believe their vehicle is among those impounded to urgently contact the department between Monday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on 236-5902.

“Failure to claim these vehicles will result in their disposal by the Minister of Public Works in accordance with the Bermuda National Parks Regulations 1988.

“The Department of Parks emphasises the importance of prompt action to prevent this outcome and wishes to clarify that it does not assume liability for any damage or deterioration incurred during transporting and storing the impounded vehicles.”

The Minister of Public Works, Lt. Col David Burch stated: “We are faced with a challenging situation where abandoned vehicles litter our parklands, a cost that, regrettably, falls upon our taxpayers to rectify.

“While the current legislation does not grant the Department of Parks the authority to auction the vehicles of owners who do not claim them, it’s a limitation that I find particularly frustrating.

“There’s a pressing need for legislative reform to empower our department to manage this issue more effectively and efficiently.

“I strongly believe that updating our legislation would be a step in the right direction for our community and we shall be addressing legislative amendments of our public spaces.”

“Owners looking to claim impounded vehicles should be made aware that fees associated with releasing these impounded vehicles, covering towing, removal, and storage expenses, are mandated under the Bermuda National Parks Regulations 1988, as set by the Bermuda National Parks [Fees] Regulations 2018 Schedule.

“These fees must be settled before the listed items are released to the owner or their authorised agent. Concerned individuals are urged to contact the Department of Parks directly for any further inquiries or information.

“The Department of Parks appreciates the public’s cooperation and stresses the importance of compliance with park regulations to preserve Bermuda’s parklands and to respect the appearance of our local communities.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    A very simple solution would be for TCD to deny registration to owners of ANY vehicle until costs of these abandoned vehicles are settled.

    If the owners are untraceable through death or emigration then the costs of disposal is on the taxpayer.Don’t delay. Enough time and effort has been given.

    Abandoning vehicles on public land is littering, big time. Severe penalties should be imposed and the department responsible for care of the land should allow no more than two weeks for removal after discovery. At that point the vehicle should be impounded before being sold at auction or disposed of.

  2. Marine Life says:

    This is Hilarious! Soo, first it is hundreds of abandoned boats throughout the bays of Bermuda over the last few years. NOW, it is abandoned cars in our National Parks. What next? An influx of abandoned apartments? We know that hordes of Bermudians have and continue to leave these Islands. The Government doesn’t seem to have any control over the above issues, but I read about CUSTOMS ISSUES, DAB ISSUES, GOVERNMENT BUILDING MAINTENANCE ISSUES, TCD ISSUES, ROAD ISSUES,WALL ISSUES, FLOODING ISSUES RESULTING IN LOST REVENUE BY BUSINESSES , SCHOOLS IN ISSUE, PASSPORT ISSUES, DEBACLES , DEBACLES . The whole of Government and Government Insurance with its huge delays in reimbursement for Medical coverages, is all a big ISSUE AND DEBACLE! What a crummy, Decrepit and Sad situation Bermuda is in. Does not impress me at all. Seems we are getting worse and worse all the time.

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