Renewal Of Refrigerant Handlers’ Permits

November 25, 2021

All service personnel who fill gases into refrigeration, chiller or freezer units will be required to have a Refrigerant Handlers Permit.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Government is committed to minimizing Bermuda’s contribution to global warming/climate change. It continues to implement the requirements of the Montreal Protocol 1987 and subsequent amendments, to address the releases and impact of ozone-depleting and greenhouse-gas-forming refrigerant gases.

“As part of this commitment, the Department of Environment & Natural Resources [DENR] introduced the Refrigerant Handlers Permitting system using requirements under the Clean Air Act 1991.

“DENR requires all service personnel of residential or commercial HVAC systems and personnel who fill gases into refrigeration, chiller or freezer units to have a Refrigerant Handlers Permit.

“To obtain a permit, personnel will need to take a course and exam to the US Environmental Protection Agency [EPA Section 608] requirements at Bermuda College. Other qualifications can also be assessed and considered for equivalency by the technical point of Contact at Bermuda College. Full details are available here.

“Before the current refrigerant handlers can have their permits reissued, they must attend an ‘Update Meeting’ with:

  • Mr Ornette Fough, HVAC Instructor at the Bermuda College;
  • Dr Geoff Smith, Environmental Engineer at DENR; and
  • Mr David Peniston, Waste Management Officer at the Ministry of Public Works.

“Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it was not possible to hold these meetings until now. Persons who want to renew their Refrigerant Handlers Permit are requested to do the following:

    • “1. Contact DENR at to schedule your ‘Update Meeting’ at Botanical Gardens [Horticultural Hall]. Please submit three preference dates/times on:
      • a. Friday 3rd Dec [4pm or 6pm] or
      • b. Tuesday 14th Dec [4pm or 6pm] or
      • c. Thursday 16th Dec [4pm or 6pm].
  • “2. Prior to the above meeting, you will need to pay Mr Ornette Fough of the Bermuda College $25 per person by either bank transfer [contact] or by cash at the ‘Update meeting’.
  • “3. Prior to applying for the permit, you will also need to demonstrate to Mr Ornette Fough [Tel: 236-9000,] that you have been working or studying for three or more years in the Refrigerant Industry over the 5-year permit period.
  • “4. Complete the Refrigerant Handler Permit application form and take it to Mr Ornette Fough for him to sign the top at the ‘Update Meeting’ once you have met the above requirements.
  • “5. Bring the completed refrigerant handler permit application form and fee [$220] to DENR in order to receive your new permit photo ID card.”

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