Carnival Releases Full Schedule Of Events

February 3, 2024 | 1 Comment

The organizers of the 2024 Carnival in Bermuda have released the schedule of events “promising a weekend of revelry, cultural vibrancy, and exciting new initiatives”

A spokesperson said, “The launch event, held on February 1st, showcased the dynamism that this year’s carnival season holds and marked the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating and unforgettable year, showcasing the vibrancy and spirit of our beautiful island. Hon. Senator Owen Darrell – Minister of Tourism. Culture and Sport, distinguished sponsors, invited guests, esteemed stakeholders, and members of the media were all present at this launch.

Excitement Builds for Carnival in Bermuda 2024:

“Carnival in Bermuda 2024 promises to be a celebration like no other, embracing the island’s rich Caribbean heritage and bringing together communities in a weekend of music, dance, and unity. The atmosphere is charged with excitement as we prepare for an unforgettable experience.

“Carnival in Bermuda is more than a weekend of parties; it’s a dynamic cultural spectacle reaching back to 1980s Bermuda with Mr. Choy Aming. As we gear up for Carnival in Bermuda 2024, it’s crucial to acknowledge its economic impact. The surge in energy, tourism, and business during this period significantly contributes to our community’s growth. This impact ripples through businesses, hotels, restaurants, beauty and health services and beyond, showcasing how cultural events stimulate economic growth. Furthermore, it elevates our local entertainment industry, connecting them with international music ambassadors and increasing exposure.

New and Exciting Initiatives:

“This year, Carnival in Bermuda introduces two noteworthy initiatives. The Carnival Connections school outreach program aims to engage the younger generation, sharing the cultural richness and traditions of Carnival in Bermuda, while also sharing our commitment to education, culture, fitness, and community involvement. We hope to inspire children to be happy, be fit and encourage the next generation of local entertainers. Additionally, the family-friendly Harbour Nights ‘Family Fete’ event in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce has been added to the lineup, providing an inclusive space for all to enjoy the festivities.

Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities:

“Carnival in Bermuda thrives on community involvement, and we invite individuals to explore professional volunteer opportunities available. The organizing committee has roles for everyone, from event planning enthusiasts to those who simply want to contribute to the joyous atmosphere. Further details can be found at

Carnival of Bermuda Schedule of Events Bermuda February 2024

“As we strive to craft an unforgettable Carnival in Bermuda 2024, we extend a warm invitation for sponsorship support. We encourage businesses and organizations of every size, from small entrepreneurial ventures to large corporations, to join us in shaping this cultural phenomenon and enhancing the success of the weekend’s events. Beyond financial assistance, we wholeheartedly welcome in-kind contributions, ensuring that the festivities reach unparalleled heights. Your partnership holds a pivotal role in bringing this extraordinary experience to life, and we eagerly look forward to the shared success that awaits us.

Official Event Schedule Unveiled:

“The highlight of the launch event was the unveiling of the official Carnival in Bermuda 2024 event schedule. From the Revel De Road – Carnival Parade to the family-oriented Harbour Nights, the schedule promises a diverse range of activities, creating a carnival experience for everyone.

2024 Schedule of events

Wednesday , June 12th:

  • 6 pm: Harbour Nights x Carnival in Bermuda Family Fete

Thursday, June 13th:

  • 5 pm: Evolve.
  • 10 pm: Army Fete

Friday, June 14th:

  • 5 am: Oasis Sunrise.
  • 6 pm: Flag Invasion
  • 9 pm: Classic Old School Fete
  • 10 pm: We Love Dancehall

Saturday, June 15th:

  • 3 am: Swizzle @ Sunrise
  • 12 pm: CIB’s signature event, Raft Up at Shelly Bay
  • 6 pm: Soca in the City
  • 10 pm: Euphoria.

Sunday, June 16th [Father's Day]:

  • 9 am: Wetta
  • 5 pm: Glow
  • 8 pm: Pure

Monday, June 17th:

  • 3 am: JAM J’ouvert
  • 12 pm: Revel De Road

Lead Sponsors:

“We are proud to announce that the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Tourism Authority are the lead sponsors for Carnival in Bermuda 2024. Their support underscores the importance of this cultural celebration in promoting tourism, cultural exchange, and community engagement.

International Visitors Invited:

“We extend a warm invitation to international visitors to join us for Carnival in Bermuda 2024. Come experience the vibrant culture, the infectious rhythms, signature events, and the unparalleled energy of our celebrations. Make Bermuda your destination for an unforgettable weekend; where you’ll relish in all the feels of a small island, with big vibes!

Community Appreciation:

“Carnival in Bermuda 2024 would not be possible without the support of our sponsors, stakeholders, and the entire community. We express our deepest gratitude for your commitment to making this event a success. Together, we celebrate unity, diversity, and the spirit of Bermuda.

How to Stay Informed:

“Stay in the loop with the latest updates, event details, and information about Carnival in Bermuda 2024 by visiting Don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter for exclusive content. Follow @carnivalinbermuda on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected, and check out our exciting 2024 Promo Video on YouTube at Join the conversation on social media using #CarnivalinBermuda and #CarnivalinBermuda2024. Be part of the excitement and stay informed!”

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  1. This is exciting says:

    The late Choy Aming,family, friends and followers are alive to see “carnival” in Bermuda . At last a vindication that what he presented and was consistently rejected has finally grown into an annual festival. He would take the lead amd stress safety and courtesy for all on our roads and with our behaviour with no accidents or gun violence. Fun, yes, but he would be focused on folks getting rest and not burning out and focused on road safety and no gun violence.

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